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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Metaphysical Healing

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Metaphysical Healing
Part of the Lesson 1 assignment is to research the types healing practiced in the United States. These are not all inclusive but are considered the most popular practices.

Acupuncture- An ancient Chinese alternative medical treatment used to promote healing which involves inserting thin needles into specific points of the body know as "acupuncture points" to block pain by stimulating the nerves. Treatment is for other conditions besides pain such as allergies and drug withdrawal.

Aromatherapy- Refers to treating a person's mood or health for psychological and physical wellness with the use of essential oils from flowers, trees, and herbs to promote health and well-being, vitality and rejuvenation of the body, mind and spirit. Treatments include massage, facials, body wraps and teas.

Ayurvedic Medicine- The ancient Hindu science of health and medicine. This very personalized and natural healing system focuses on establishing and maintaining balance of the life energies within us, rather than individual symptoms. Use of dietary modification, massage, yoga and herbal preparations.

Chakra balancing- Based on ancient Indian belief that chakras, or energy centers, are located at specific points between the top of the skull and the base of the spine, and each are related to specific organs of the body. Balancing can be done through hands-on techniques, meditation, exercise, yoga or music in conjunction with crystals, aromas, and other contemporary items.

Chiropractics- One of the most popular alternative therapies, grounded on the principle that when the skeletal system is correctly aligned and the nervous system is functioning properly, the body can heal itself. Generally done by hands, manipulating the joints and spine of the patient as they lie on a specifically designed padded table it seeks to relieve pressure on the nerves and restores natural balance and equilibrium.

Crystal Healing- The therapeutic application of crystals and gemstones for mental, physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Based on the belief that crystals have energies and emit healing vibrations that are able to promote healing and improve health.

Feng Shui- The ancient Chinese art of placement based on philosophy of the movement of natural energy through our environments. Focuses on positioning objects, furniture, buildings etc. to create balance and harmony through the healthy flow of chi-(energy). the goal is to achieve optimal health and prosperity in one's life by first supporting one's environment with the rhythms of the cosmic whole.

Hypnotherapy- The use of hypnotism to deeply relax the conscious mind and induce a hypnotic trance during which the subconscious mind is brought into alignment with the conscious mind. Used commonly for treatment of emotional problems (i.e. stress, depression, offering pain relief, conquering phobias and changing habits.

Iridology- The study of the iris of the eye to diagnose under the theory that the iris serves as a map of the body and gives warning signs of physical, mental and spiritual problems. It states that every bodily organ corresponds to a location within the iris and the relative health of each organ can be determined by examining the iris.

Naturopathy- Originating in Europe Naturopathic Medicine is a form of therapy that depends on the natural forces, rather than surgery or drugs, to treat disease. It focuses on the concept that the body is a self-healing organism and will heal itself given the right stimulus. The science treats the whole person rather than the afflicting problem. It is the practice of using natural agents and physical means to provide a healthier balance of internal chemistry which include herbs, vitamins, massage, counseling as well as diet and nutrition.

Reflexology- An ancient Chinese technique based upon the belief that each part of the body is interconnected through the nervous system to the feet, hands and ears. The therapist applies pressure to acupunture points in these areas, restoring balance and opening blocked meridians, to enhance the flow of energy throughout the body also improving nerve and blood circulation, and encouraging the body's immune response.

Reiki- It is a gentile Japanese energy-based modality. Through a series of hand positions either directly on or just above the body, the energy worker allows for the flow of energy through their body which the client then draws off the amount of energy that is required. This hands-on healing results in a relaxing spiritual state of being which then allows cells to heal and replenish.

Rolfing- Rolfing is a deep massage technique that involves optimally positioning the body's organs, bones ad tissues. By manipulating the deep fascia and muscles. as well as educating about the body position and posture, improvements can be made to a person's physciological and psychological processes to relieve stress, treat chronic pain and increase energy.

Shamanic Healing - This ancient healing art emphasizes the caring of the soul and the healing through soul retrieval. It is based on the belief that the condition of the sould must be addressed and if healthy, other healings can then manifest mentally, physically and emotionally.

Shiatsu Therapy- Japanese form of physical and therapeutic massage. Know as the yang process balancing from the outside to inside. this full body massage is normally done clothed.

Swedish Massage- A system of therapeutic massage combined with passive and active exercise for the muscles and joints.

Tai Chi- Ancient Chinese mind-body exercise and fighting system consisting of 108 smooth, flowing, strengthening sequences, meditation and breath regulation. Health benefits include improved blood circulation and enhanced immune functions

Thai Massag- Also referred to as Yoga Massage which emphasizes rhythmic stretching, pressing and loosening of the body. Used for healing, health and transformation.

Yoga- Defined as "to yoke or unite", this Hindu series of mental, spiritual and physical systems is designed to aid in enlightenment and achieving a state of perfect spiritual insight and tranquility. Yoga improves breathing and focuses on the alignment of the body by increasing awareness, posture, flexibility of body and mind, and calmness of spirit. It is also believed that yoga cleanses the body toxins, improving blood circulation and muscle tone.

There are some more types of healing arts to include Astrology, Huna ,Palm Reading, Tarot Cards, Tea Leaf Reading that have clients but are considered less popular methods of actual healing and are more associated with mystical sciences.
Dr. Dennis W. Zerull

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