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Monday, January 30, 2012

Spiritual Awareness

Master of Spiritual Awareness Essay by Rev. Alicia Gamble

This course was one of the best I have taken. I don't think there was anything I didn't like about it. It was written in a beautifully easy to understand way. The exercises were enjoyable as well as helpful. In fact, the whole thing was so good I don't know if just answering the questions can do it justice, but I will give it a try.

The first insight is about awakening, realizing that there are more than just the five senses and the physical world.

When we adopt the first insight into our present lives we start to realize that there is much more going on around us than meets the eye. If we start to pay more attention to the coincidences that happen in our lives we can start to see (and feel) something much bigger than us and our individual lives operating in the universe. What we once thought of as "blind luck" or "mere coincidence" is now seen (and felt and known) as meaningful divine assistance. The more we pay attention to the coincidences and synchronicities that happen in our lives, the more they occur and allow us to grow further spiritually.

The first insight for me was just confirmation of what I have always felt. For as long as I can remember I have always questioned and looked for the truth and reasons behind everything. I have always had an insatiable need for knowledge and to understand everything. Before I could even read I was fascinated with religion and peoples beliefs especially about God. As I grew this continued, for years I researched all different religious texts, and questioned people of all faiths but I never fully got the confirmation for what I felt deep inside of me. Finally, I simply "asked" to be led to the answers I was seeking, I just asked for help. Oddly enough, it was instant and in the form of a coincidence and everything has opened up from there.

The fourth insight was of particular interest to me as I have seen how people steal energy literally and through control repeatedly on an individual level. Though I saw what happens and how I didn't realize the immensity, nor full meaning until now. This insight shows that people treat each other in such violent manners all for the competition of energy. I have seen it time and again all because people don't realize they are fighting for human energy which does not and cannot ever provide the sense of completeness that people really hunger for. The only way to get that is from a connection with divine energy.

In order to begin to open up and share positive energy with others one must learn to tap into the universal energy. To do this we need to be able to surrender our need for control and open ourselves up. Then we need to be able to realize the feeling of being filled up. When we open ourselves up and we can receive energy, coincidences and all of the gifts from the universal intelligence start to flow more easily to us. Only then can the oneness of body, mind and spirit be found. Once we get to the point where we can feel real divine love (which is different than the earthly love we are used to) then through will alone we can send the energy back.
The main lesson for me in the seventh insight is to really pay attention. It is being fully present and watching what is going on in the environment around me, my thoughts and my interactions with people. To really be aware of these while staying connected and feeling and being love and the universal energy. To watch for people and things in the environment that seem to "shine" just a little brighter. To expect coincidences and for people to bring the information and/or answers I desire because we get all the answers and information we need from others. Which means it is especially important to be connected when dealing with people so we, and they, can receive what we are supposed to from each other.

Of particular interest is the fact that humans will change from the five sensory beings of today to the multi-sensory beings of the future. Five sensory beings live very much in the physical world feeling very detached and alone because they, for the most part, are limited to the five senses (taste, touch, smell, feeling and hearing) as their sensory experience of the world. Whereas, the multi-sensory beings we will/are becoming know that we are never alone, we are all part of the whole and that we all share in the creation of the physical world for our learning and growth. They understand that the intention behind every action creates its effect, that intention affects others as well as ourselves and that the effects of the intentions are not limited to the physical world. Five sensory beings on the other hand, do not perceive the effects of intentions, to them, the effects of actions are physical and do not always affect themselves or others.
In the next millennium we will be looking at a completely different way of life. We will see things like forests being left to grow and mature into powerful energy centers which people will live among or by, while tending to beautiful gardens. Things like food, Shelter and transportation will be automated and available to all, with no need for currency, overindulgence or laziness. There will be no need for power and control as people will live more intuitively always knowing what needs to be done and when, which will work in harmony with the actions of others.

Living with and acting on intuitions will help to satisfy people's sense of purpose as they watch their destinies unfold.

People, of their own accord, will start to decrease the population on the planet. They will experience a period of deep introspection then they will begin to realize how beautiful and spiritual the natural world really is. The things of nature will be revered for the great and powerful things that they are. There will be great demand to end any economic ventures that threaten the natural world. Pollution will no longer be a problem as there will be people who will intuit alternative solutions.

As this shift happens people will begin to realize that we are here to evolve spiritually through loving action, with this understanding our vibrational frequencies will change. As people raise their vibrational levels they will fulfill the purpose of human existence – Heaven on earth, where there is no division or separation, where we are all one.

This course is a must, especially for those who are feeling the energy shift or are worried about all the 2012 hype.

We are being presented with a wonderful opportunity to reshape ourselves and our world. Instead of fearing the changes ahead we should be embracing them and spend our time and energy learning how to encourage and grow with and into the wonderful new way of life that is emerging. I will definitely recommend this course to others as I think it is very important to get important powerful information like this out there. Thanks so much!

Rev. Alicia Gamble


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Friday, January 27, 2012

Metaphysical Healing

The Metaphysical Healing lessons were very informative. Since I am trained in the Reiki Usui Japanese traditional; method of natural healing and a teacher of this, I am very interested in the other styles of "hands-on healing" and stories of successful healing.

No matter what description, Bio-energetic, energetic, holistic, or vibrational to describe this process, it works wonderfully alongside traditional medical treatments. Any person wishing to heal and take the time to seek out such healers will heal.

There are healing circles which are open for anyone who would like to experience this wonderful relaxing healing technique. Some try this before seeking out an individual healer.

While most prefer a relaxing atmosphere with dim lights, meditative music, candles, sound of running water, and the smell of incense, others do not. Some believe in god, others do not. They need only the deep desire to heal. If deep down inside they do not want to heal, even though they say they do, they will not.

I could go on and on, however, Rev/Dr Kreigers lessons are so identical to the Reiki way, It would sound as if I was just copying her lessons. The need for knowledge of the anatomy, Chakras, Aura, and induction are all necessary and her instructions are wonderful.

I do not feel that I am ready to take a client in a past life regression journey and definitely not an exorcism. I love absent healing. Often our friends and family need us. For example, my daughter calls "Mom, I need your help. A man walked into me and I fell, knocking my knee out of place. I put it back into place, but it is swollen and hurts. I need you to send me Reiki. I was doing so good, being careful with my knee. Why now? The holidays are coming and I need to be at work. (pause) Mom? are you sending me Reiki right now? I feel warm and tingling."

My response, "Yes I am."

She went to work the next day.

There are so many cultures and religious customs in our world and they are all very interesting. I thank Rev/Dr Kreiger for sharing her experiences and that of the Africans calling to and learning to be a traditional healer. You mention that in Africa witchcraft is rife. So it is in other areas. Some cannot be happy with the wonders of special gifts for doing good. Some have to take it to the dark side.

I do believe what goes around comes around three times. If you do a good thing, you will reap the rewards. If you do something bad, Look Out. I have never understood why a person would want to and enjoy hurting another person, nor would I want to understand.

I believe "Harm None."

Rev Diane L Orr


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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Spiritual Awareness

Awareness Essay
Rev. Sue Bellworthy
1.      A new spiritual awakening is occurring in our culture, an awakening brought about by a large group of individuals who recognize their lives as a spiritual unfolding, a journey in which we are led forward by mysterious circumstances. What sense of Awareness can be gained by adopting the First Insight into your present lifestyle? 
The first insight tells us that there are no coincidences,; instead there are mysterious forces surrounding us which affect our lives and that by becoming aware of these, we can mold our lives into a more productive and satisfying form. We are not victims of fate, for we have the power to change our lives. The skill is in recognizing the external forces and using these in a positive manner rather than allowing them free-rein over us. We need to learn to listen to that inner voice of intuition. There have certainly been many occasions when I failed to heed that inner voice and later wished that I had. So, for me, I will use the first insight to bring me a greater awareness of those things beyond the physical that impact on our lives. I shall develop that inner voice of intuition and shall learn to listen to it, and I shall use all these things to guide my spiritual growth and practice, drawing on all these forces so that I might use them in a good and positive way.
2.      This awakening represents the creation of a new, more complete worldview, which replaces a five-hundred-year-old preoccupation with secular survival and comfort.  While this technological preoccupation was an important step, our awakening to life coincidences is opening us up to the real purpose of human life on this planet and the real nature of our universe.  How or when did you begin to question traditional religious views?  What, if any, reactions did those around you have to those questions you posed?                                                                        
I suppose that I have always been unhappy with traditional religion although it took me a long time to find the path that suited me. It was really thanks to the internet that this finally became possible. The traditional view of an aged God in human form controlling our lives in the manner of the Olympian Gods was an awkward concept, as was the view that man held superiority over all other things – which I found an arrogant attitude. I was also aware of the hypocrisy among many church goers who viewed themselves as "good Christians" but didn't show it in their behaviour. I had always felt closest to deity outside, in the wonder of the whole of creation, for that is where the wonder of deity is to be found. Turning away from the supposed mainstream religion is never easy, and, like many, I have kept my religious and spiritual life secret. Many are too quick to judge, too unwilling to understand other faiths and it is safer to avoid precipitating prejudice. This xenophobic attitude permeates so much of society and is the cause of so much violence, discrimination and war. It is time that society as a whole opened its eyes and adopted a new, accepting and peaceful attitude. Maybe one day it will come, but for now it is a distant dream.
3.      Too often humans cut themselves off from the greater source of this energy and so feel weak and insecure.  To gain energy we tend to manipulate or force others to give us attention and thus energy.  When we successfully dominate others in this way, we feel more powerful, but they are left weakened and often fight back. Competition for scarce human energy is the cause of all conflict between people.  Discuss the lessons of the Fourth Insight in how it affects your life.  What does this Insight teach you about the reasons why humans treat each other in such a violent manner? 
The fourth insight teaches us about power, what it is and how we use it for good or ill. But it shows us that we can gain energy and power without drawing it from others, and it shows us how to avoid being drained by other people. There was a recent re-run of a 1960s experiment which had demonstrated how much people enjoy torture. Sadly, the new experiment produced exactly the same results – a sad reflection on humanity. The quest for domination is seen everywhere – within families, within communities, in the work place, among world leaders, and even in the playground. No part of life is exempt. And yet we do not need to follow this route, nor do we need to lay ourselves open to the psychic vampires, or just give too much of ourselves (my usual action). By thinking about our actions, by connecting with the spiritual world, by generating power within and using appropriate shielding, we can gain all the power we need without harm to anyone, and we can protect ourselves from others.   But we need to go one step further, we need to show others how to act in a similar way and this is the long, slow process, but it is something that I am actively trying to do even if it is sadly often a case of "preaching to the converted", there are moments of breakthrough.
4.      Insecurity and violence end when we experience an inner connection with divine energy within, a connection described by the mystics of all traditions.  A sense of lightness -- buoyancy -- and the constant sensation of love are measures of this connection.  If these measures are present, the connection is real.  If not, it is only pretended.  What method would you use to assist a congregant in learning how he/she can open and share positive energy with others?  Give example of how and when they can do this.
There are so many ways of gaining this connection. One method I use is through guided meditation, taking the congregant on a soft and spiritual journey, in which they can begin to experience that divine connection for there is that moment when conscious visualisation takes on a life of its own and becomes true connection with the divine. Giving the congregant an experience of this connection and the ability to achieve it for themselves is an important first step, but is not the only one. I would also work through prayer – not the ones repeated mindlessly by rote, but new prayers worked out with the congregant that are meaningful. Often saying these regularly and meaningfully with the aid of prayer beads can take the individual to that place of divine connection. As with all things, practice is essential and the connection will become faster and stronger with time. As for sharing with others, the congregant will notice that others are automatically affected simply by the change in his/her attitude, and in his/her energy and aura. The congregant may well be drawn to share the techniques, but this may not always be appropriate and often it is best to simply let the energies flow as they will, rejoicing in their own new-found spiritual place and allowing the benefits of that to filter through to others.
5.      Knowing our personal mission further enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences as we are guided toward our destinies.  First we have a question, then dreams, day-dreams, and intuitions lead us toward the answer, which usually are synchronistically provided by the wisdom of another human being. For you as a minister, what is the lesson found in the Seventh Insight. And how will you use this knowledge in your work?
The seventh insight teaches me that all things have purpose and that we are masters of our own destiny. All the strange coincidences and synchronicities in our lives are meaningful and may be used for positive gain. Whether these guidances come from the divine or via another person is immaterial, the important thing is to connect with all that is happening and to direct it to the desired outcome. As a minister, I shall use the lessons of the seventh insight to guide my spiritual development and my ministry. I shall learn to form a greater connection with these forces, to draw on them and to use them wisely. Through them I shall pass on the benefits to my  congregants. The seventh insight is a learning process, and is one that is very important. Like all the insights I shall adopt it and work with it to achieve maximum benefit. 
6.                  As we all evolve toward the best completion of our spiritual missions, the technological means of survival will be fully automated as humans focus instead on synchronistic growth.  Such growth will move humans into ever-higher energy states, ultimately transforming our bodies into spiritual form and uniting this dimension of existence with the afterlife dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death.  How will society change in the coming millennium as a result of the growth in awareness and conscious evolution?  What is the reason for people being here on this planet?  What is the spiritual intent and meaning of life?
If the growth in awareness and conscious evolution continues and gathers pace we can hope to see a new awakening, a new dawn of greater peace and understanding, a new world of light and happiness. I hope with all my heart that we will reach this stage and will do all I can to aid this process. As for our purpose on this planet. The lesson teaches that we are here to take part in the cosmic evolution and to teach less developed souls than ourselves, taking them towards this awakening. My own view is that we are also here as guardians of our planet – not as masters but rather as caretakers, a role at which we have so far failed miserably. The human mind is yet poorly developed. Research has shown that we use only a minute percentage of the mind power available to us. What wonders will be achieved if we can tap into this enormous resource, how will we and our planet develop as a result? But it is important that this resource is used for good, and maybe this is why the awakening is so slow. It is our job to guide this process through our ministry. What is the spiritual intent and meaning of life? Some would say it is to reach the ultimate state of enlightenment. Maybe this is so, but I believe that we also need to make a positive impact during our lives on our planet and others. We are part of the plan for true cosmic and global awareness. In our ministry we need to foster this development, and we must learn to maintain and strengthen that link with the cosmic energy and with deity.
7.      What is the idea behind becoming multi-sensored beings?  How can you achieve that personally and how can all the lessons in this course help you in your life both as an individual on your own spiritual journey, and as a minister working with congregants in your capacity as a spiritual counselor? There is more to the world than our 5 senses can show us, and as a result there is so much that we are missing. Learning to use our other occult senses is an important step in spiritual development – allowing us to connect to deity, to the planet and to human awareness, and bring about positive change in ourselves, in others and in our world. The lessons in this course have been a revelation, clarifying some things that I had figured out for myself, and bringing multiple other new insights and viewpoints. Our spiritual journeys are ongoing, and these lessons will continue to help me as I progress on my own journey. It is through the practice and understanding of the insights that I can create a new inner awareness and strength, and use this to guide and strengthen my ministry. The lessons in the course have provided many ideas that are adaptable for spiritual lessons in my ministry and has sparked ideas for many more. My goals are both personal spiritual growth and assisting others to achieve their growth; to work towards peace and to protect our world. These insights will aid that process.
8.      Overall, what have you taken from these lessons?  Discuss the various activities and your reaction to them.  Which ones do you feel were most effective, and which, if any, would you consider using in your work with your congregants?
Overall, the lessons have given me another viewpoint, another way of looking at things and so have made clear many things that were previously hazy. The insights are something I shall keep with me always, building on them and growing with them.
There were so many superb activities that it is hard to choose between them and I believe that all will find their place. Examples are the techniques for teaching children, the assignment for capturing a moment of joy and holding onto that feeling, drawing it from the memory and feeling it again; or the exercise teaching increased awareness – of messages, of energy of others, of the whole pattern of life, or the dream work, the practice of mindfulness, the awareness of fears, the awareness of things that influence personal energy flow. All these techniques are perfect to incorporate into spiritual practice, either directly or after adaptation. They all make small and simple exercises that can be slipped into the general lesson, allowing them to work on the subconscious, while bringing the conscious mind to bear. This has been  an outstanding course – my appreciation to ULC and to the course author.
May blessings surround you and your families.


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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spirituality - ULC

Final Essay on the course for Dr. of Spirituality: Rev. Loretta Siani

Now usually one writes about the content of a course and what one learns. But my personal experience while taking this course showed me its value to me and what I learned became reality. I share this personal experience as my essay on the power of this thought and what I was able to see in my own case. I hope it shows what I have learned and how it worked through my saga.

So I start by saying I have had an interesting time during the passage of time of taking this course. The lessons learned were complex and I am still dwelling on the elements placed in front of me in the course on Spirituality. For during this time, my personal life has been challenged in my heart. I have lost the life of my hero, my father, who succumbed at 87 years old and my mother was injured in the family home while my dad was fighting for his known life in the hospital. My dad lived long enough at, I hope my urging, to celebrate his 87th birthday and then when at the sickest moment he lived to see in my parent's 65th wedding anniversary one month later.

Now one could ask me what happened during this time and how this course worked for me? Well, an hour before their anniversary day came to be I was with my father at 11:03 p.m. Dad coded and there was a DNR note. However, due to some confusion in the directive, they revived him. I prayed like never before in my life for him to pull through to be able to be alive for he and mom to reach such a huge day of value and meaning for them. Dad was on a ventilator, suffering the beginning of renal failure and he was a victim of pneumonia, heart failure, renal shutting down and blood septicemia, just to mention the most important issues.

Although he was in what was a drug induced state, I held his hand and told him it was okay and that if he wanted to God would let him live long enough to reach such a huge momentous occasion of 65 years of wedded bliss.

Well, I need not tell anyone who has taken this course that I opened my soul to God and told my dad to do the same. The nurses told me they knew he could hear me and he did it,  although never opening his eyes. I cleared myself of all self interest and just prayed. And so the miracle was given to me and my parents. Something no one else probably understood or even cared about, but I was granted such through the grace of the Almighty for opening myself to pure love and affection to the most important person in my life and my hero to boot. I did not ask for me, I asked that God give my dad this one gift and miracle when all the odds were against it and he was basically going to leave his human form. Somehow, it happened and he celebrated his anniversary with just me in the room. My mom was in a rehab facility with a broken vertebra as she slipped while alone in their home and dad was in the hospital. So she could not be there to share in this blessed event. With open heart and all love I had, I let God guide my words to my father to hang in to make it to the day he married my mom.  There was no reason why this happened. I just prayed and gave myself to God's hand.

Three days later I again was alone in my father's hospital room and he was now in renal shut down and going to die naturally. It was about 2:10 p.m. that I felt something inside while visiting my mother. I told her I had to go and see dad. So I drove the few miles to his room and once again I saw that this was his time to join the life in God's arms. I went to his side and told him to fear not as he was in God's hands now and that he had met his mission of life here on earth and it was okay as he had succeeded at everything he had wanted and it was time for him to find his peace. Of course, this was in prayer, but it was prayer aloud for him to hear and for me again to give of myself and let my dad be given continuing life with God as his holder. I could see that his body was giving up and he took two breaths as I spoke to him and asked him to let God enter his heart to guide him further in everlasting life. Well, there was no fear, no pain and no tears, but he calmly took those two breaths and turned his head a bit and then he was on his way to what stood in front of him forever.

I sat in his room for two and a half hours and the nurses cleaned him up and removed all of the tubes and such. They combed his hair and placed his hands and arms across his abdomen with his wedding ring finger on top of his other hand. I should note that this is so hard to write through my tears as I complete this essay. I was trying to think of how to show what I found out of this course. But, while taking it, the contents found me and provided me with what I needed to handle this process of loosing the most revered person I have ever known.

I prayed continuously for dad to fight when needed and he did so and then I prayed for God to enter his body and cure him of his earthly illness and take him with open arms to his new life. I found the fear I had of seeing him go was nothing. I had prayed for God to help and guide me through the process I was experiencing. I asked for nothing but for God within me to guide my heart and soul/mind to accept this happening. I guess I can say without reservation that the element of the course were not coincidental to my needs for love and to let that miraculously happen. And so it did! I do not know how I was given such strength and guidance, but it came and it came through prayer as the course so indicates and I was given the gift of such. Now it is a month past and I still wonder how I was given such a course and what brought me to take it at the time I did. I did not know in advance hat was waiting for me. I read the course lessons earnestly and took all I could and as things unveiled in front of me I tried my best to use them so I could handle what was given to me. I guess God just decided I needed my miracle and provided me a vehicle to read to help me understand how to find it.

Now I had to speak at one of my dearest friend's funerals back in January when I first started taking the course.  I thought I did good for the family of my departed friend and colleague and was given various accolades for such a meaningful tribute to a man who I cared about like a brother. But, I had not yet reached the spot of using it for more and now I find I can give so much more to those in need by prayer and the gift of God's graces within.

So that is my story about this course. I was going to delineate all of the various lines and sections as I found them relevant, but they found their way into my reality and I hope this summary of events in my life, shows the value I found in this course and its contents. I found things about me I did not know existed within and I do believe that miracles can happen through prayer and love… and God gave them to my father, who by the way was not a particularly religious man. But, as these events unfolded, I kept telling him to realize the God and Great Spirit within himself. And, I found the love and miracles in my heart that were there with God within me….

Amen and thank you for this course!


Adam Rocke, Reverend


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Saturday, January 07, 2012


Essay: What I have learned in this course.
(Looking for the truth in the spiritual world)
My father once said to me: Son, always remember that learning never ends - no matter how old you get.
Now I am 56 and I have to admit that my father was right.
We live in a cruel world, lies at every corner and most of them blend-in perfectly with what we like to hear and our views of how the would 'ought' to be.
For 2,000 years we are being told that there is only one savior `Jesus Christ`.
Wars are being fought because we need to defend our countries.
Religious wars are being fought to 'defend' our different Gods, given or assigned to us by our churches, who like to dominate us just as governments for their political wars.
Who can you actually trust ?
We are all the same humans, brothers and sisters indeed. And there is only one God in Heaven and this God`s name we do not need to know and neither do we need to kill each other in His name. We are the ones who have given this God different names, beside the other Gods who visited Earth, self-proclaimed Gods, Gods made by humans, Holy messengers and Prophets. Who is the real God ? There can be only one real God in Heaven and that is the almighty God and His name is God (in English) and in another language you might call him differently.
How much do we know about Jesus Christ (New testament) and (Old testament) Joseph in fact / ? What about all the other Gods (whose names I will not mention now), are they fake Gods or fake Sons of Gods ? Certainly not !
What about the great (Genesis) flood / And, what about the Epic of Gilgamesh (around 2,600 BC) ?
What about Moses (Sargon), and all the other `moses-like-human prophets before;
in Babylon it was Nemo (10 tablets)
in India it was Manou (10 tablets)
in Crete it was Minos (10 tablets)
in Egypt it was Moses (10 tablets)
... and have you ever sought about the ending in our prayers: AMEN ? Where does it come from and what does it actually mean ? Are we worshiping Amen-Ra / Sun-God ?
Are we really knowing the truth about Earth and Humans and their Gods, or are we just living in a great Disney Land ?
Is everything just developed for political reasons so that religion can be used for slavery ?
Religion is a myth indeed, it is not debatable nor questionable, it is divine authority.
At young age I quit religion and I found it again through the ULC, especially the Spiritual course they offered.
In the end that is all I had left, a broken-view regarding religion and belief. All there was left in me was the Spiritual belief.
It is rather difficult to build-up that belief without some help of an spiritual advisor. Then the praying, we all pray for so much, but then is it right to pray that much ? And what kind of prayer is correct ? To whom should we pray ?
Beside weddings I do counseling of all kinds and children support, visit hospitals and prisons were I meet all kind of different nationals and human characters. I do not use the cross, of course when I am forced to use it then inside my heart I think of Jesus Christ but still fighting with my inner-self then. I rather wear a pair of praying hands instead of a cross.
Spiritual belief in the (Nameless) Almighty God is my belief and I consider myself an International Christian who welcomes all Gods and all other Religions for the purpose of uniting all humans together again.
The Free-Will being given of being able to choose an religion (Universal religious belief) and practicing it as granted to me by the ULC means a lot to me and the most-high in heaven will certainly agree to that. Arguing about religion is a waste of time, since all religious books are either partially incorrect, misinterpreted and anyway are not fully proven to be correct. Better be spiritual and study about Astronomy, Astrology and Archeology and really help-out others and then you will be on the right track.
Most of the people say they are spiritual, because they do not know anything about religion, neither won`t have anything to do with it for personal or other reasons. The question is just `Do They Understand Spirituality` ? Maybe 90% does not. Rev. Dr. Loretta Siani has been a helping hand to me with her lessons, Spiritual prayers and the deeper meaning of it. Of course not everything is according my spiritual belief, what she has taught me, but she awakened inside me the deeper free-spiritual thinking and in the end that is all I hoped to happen. Reading, learning, processing and sorting-out with a clear and free-thinking and feeling mind is important in order to evolve to the next spiritual step (per aspera ad astra). No human is perfect, no book is correct but we can correct our current dependent mind (s) and thinking as long as we keep ourselves open and uninfluenced to choose a new or different way of thinking according our heart and independent open mind. Whatever we read or study does not mean that we have to accept everything what is written or being said, but without studying and freely considering a learning process is not possible.
Spirituality is something you can not touch, not buy, not be given to but only slowly learn through study and life experiences and an open mind and an clean heart, otherwise the spiritual picture will not be visible and the guideline is not there.
I like to thank the ULC and Dr. Siani for their kind support till now and I like to encourage my other Pastor-Reverend brothers here on Earth to keep an open mind and always consider the cost of misusing the most powerful weapon `Religion` in the name of our most high GOD.
Blessed are those who spiritually support their brothers and sisters.
Brother Georg - Japan


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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Metaphysical Healing

Final Essay for Metaphysical Healing.
Sharon J. Mayer

This was a very interesting course that helped me understand the alternative aspect of faith and spiritual healing for all. The healing of mind, body, and spirit all working together for the person and the community is new to me. While I am not sure that being a healer is my calling I have come to better understand the use of such practices and have understanding of what practices work with other means to totally heal the patient. I am continuing my education in the field and exploring all the aspects of the many types of healing that are available in the world. Because of my new understanding I am more open to the ideas that the spirit must be healed as well as the body to have a whole and complete healthy life. 

I was most impressed with the manner the class was given and the questions at the end of each chapter reinforced the learning experience. I have seen these practices work when I lived in various parts of the United States and among the North American Indigenous. In the far spread areas of Alaska it is the native healers that serve the people most. They also use the concept of healing the whole body to bring it into harmony. 
The concept of faith or spiritual healing does not come easy for people in the United States as the medical field in this country has relied so heavily on the sciences. The idea of using alternative means of healing is not one that is practiced by many. I can remember when we were given teas of herbs or poultices were put on injuries with plants taken from the woods around us or from the garden. People who used the old ways were considered out of the normal channels of healing for practicing what was really a normal healing method and were thought of as substandard health practitioners. When one realizes at one time the barbers were the healers (and that is why there were red and white striped poles outside the shops) and they used bleeding as a means of riding the body of illness before medicine was formalized with specialized training it is not hard to understand that different means of healing are looked at with suspicion until proven to be a good healing process. Healing has come a long way and each day a new cure can be found but we must understand that there are other ways than science to heal that have only recently been recognized and added to the specialties of medicine in some parts of the world. 

It seems that modern medicine has forgotten that these same herbs, barks, and plants are in the compounds of our modern medicines or a synthetic version of the same. Also it is just being recognized that laying-on of hands or using energy fields should no longer be frowned upon but used more to help the patient. The touch of one on another can create a feeling of love and promote the healing process in many ways. The used of the energy fields to clear negative forces is now being recognized not as something outside the box but a way to help the patient. Even those who advocated special diet were considered odd at one time and now that is a part of the whole process to heal. Granted many reasons include the actions of the few that were out to fleece the customer but to lump all of these practices into one basket because of a few is not using all the healing resources available to the community.

Now we are being given a choice of medical practices from many areas and the idea that other than what the doctor prescribes is wrong and won’t work is being replaced. This has lead to a more holistic form of healing the body and spirit. Many of the mainstream medical profession have started to understand that there is truth in alternate means of healing. Practitioners of many healing disciplines are now being covered by insurance in the United States that just a few years ago would not have been something that would be allowed. 
I was interested in the community concept of healing one member to heal the whole. This was new to me but after many of the classes I have taken at ULC Seminary the idea is not as foreign because I have come to understand that we are One and what affects one of the whole affects all. The used of this understanding to heal the spirit gives me understanding of how wrongful thought can affect not only the patient but the community. 

The amount of time for training and the education that must be completed is very interesting. The concepts provided in the training are universal and the words used to help the person relax and the care to not harm the patient is very important. There are so many things to learn about and to do properly so as not to harm the patient further but to bring them back to the fullness of health. I myself have not seen an aura around a person. I think I have been looking too closely at the actual earthly body to see it but I have felt heat energy near persons. I did once see a dear friend of mine in ghostly pallor and a grey area about her. She was walking toward me and as she was with her boss who was speaking in a negative tone to her I was unable to speak to her. The next day she drove 20 miles in to work and died at her desk from heart failure. I now wonder if what I was seeing was the beginning of the spirit leaving her earthly body and taking the energy field with it. This was the turning point of my life and I have been seeking to learn and grow every since.


The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more.

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The  ULC, run by Rev. Long, has created a chaplaincy program to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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