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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Spirituality Course

Universal Life Church - Spiritualism Course
This course was very informative, thought provoking and enlightening. It reminded me of past knowledge renewed and also new knowledge learned.

This essay will state and confirm what I have learned and agree and disagree with and also the thoughts it provoked.

I believe this is a very worthwhile and important course for ministry.

Scientific-minded people are left wanting more meaning in life. This lack of meaning in their life drives such people towards spiritual enlightenment.

Science it self has progressed to the point that it has it self proven that mysticism is at the heart of all things. Some scientists believe that we are but a collection of atoms. Science-minded people think that all things can be known and explained by man.

This would be very much God like, but to think that we are but a collection of atoms and no more than that. Where's the meaning to life if we are but atoms? The utter lack of meaning to life is known as nihilism.

Have we so deluded our selves to think that there is such a thing as a soul, a mind and a life without meaning? I think not !

Along that line of thinking, I would agree that this type of thinking in a person is definitely an open invitation to minister to those needing guidance and meaning in their life.

With out purpose and meaning, why live? I agree that existentialism is one of the 20th century philosophical frauds that embraced diverse doctrines.

I believe that we can help these people through knowledge and compassion.

Einstein helped with his theory of relativity, in viewing the universe in relative terms opposed to mechanical terms, this mechanical term way of thinking was every thing being machine like that started as a collection of matter that would one day come to nonexistence. This was Nietzche's philosophical view. His famous statement was that 'God is dead.'

Bah hum bug I say !!!

He thought that he had learned so much that God was unnecessary, he disregarded moral values, he believed that will and power ruled for a self serving purpose. Not Jesus like at all.

Altruism was not his belief, unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others.

Then this led to further refinement up to our day. Existentialism is the big bang theory.

This theory is that the big bang created the universe. There was a creation of stars that die, planets form, elements combine forming life.

Man evolved conscious thought. Then the belief is that mysticism and God were created
(made up) because man could not face his own morality.

This was to appease the ego.

Descartes had reduced the universe to a mere giant machine, but at least he still realized consciousness as coming first in creation. His famous saying was 'I think therefore I am'.
This implied that the soul of the man came first and all other things followed.

I was not at all surprised to learn that atheism was influenced by Descartes after reading about his beliefs. He only recognized what the human mind can acknowledge exists

Werner Heisenberg discovered the true nature of matter and changed the world.
He discovered that people can not predict the form that matter will take when it comes into existence. This is known as the uncertainty principle.

God is forever creating the world we see through the consciousness that we think of as being our own. We are in fact a small part of the collective consciousness of God. We are all a part of the whole.

I also agree that in regards to the power of thought and how our minds interact with the energy of the universe to create the world we live in. It is like prayer, it works wonders.

I believe that this is why science is one of those wonderful wondrous miracles that manifest.

If you think about all those minds concentrating on the same out come, it makes sense that it will come to be. There with in their faith lies (scientific faith ) and in understanding the science minded faith, as being parallel to our faith, we begin to understand how to minister to them. Science gives different names to God. Ultimately they can come to see the similarities of their faith and a God based faith and the wholeness they can have through a relationship with God through Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

The idea of the power of thought was shared by good old Aristotle in his belief that there only had to be a potential of form for it to exist.

God creates the world through us. Christians believe that Jesus Christ is our savior.
It states in the Bible that no man comes to the Father but through him. ( John 14:6)

This is how we speak to God, through Jesus.

I agree that there is two kinds of people in this world, those seeking and those who have found the truth.

Socrates said 'the most important thing you can do is know thyself' His wisdom was based on not knowing anything absolutely. The realization of only being able to believe in and live in the moment at hand.

I believe that we are in very trying times, as has been prophesized to come to pass in the Bible. B= Basic I= Instructions B= Before L= leaving E= Earth
As you can see, I rely on my Bible based faith and the Holy Spirit to guide me through life.

I agree that we do place limits on ourselves as God is not bound by human limitations.

I also agree with your statement about greatness coming from an upheaval, pain and suffering. I believe that there must be a test for there to be a testimony. God will get our attention one way or another. This is not always something that is pleasant nor understandable by us.

This is not because he is angry at us or dislikes us, it's because he loves us and desires a close relationship with us. We at times may feel forsaken, but we are always forgiven and loved. One must be willing to accept the forgiveness to receive it, you must be able to forgive yourself and to leave it at the cross.

Arrogance, pride and strife only render and limit our closeness to God.
We are to be ambassadors of Christ. We are to be Jesus like, this is also God like in our thinking, talking and actions.

We as children of God are striving for the same purpose, no matter the name or title you place on it. It does not matter if it be Buddha, Allah or the energy force of the universe.

We are sure to make great strides and become less limited in life if we only walk, talk and speak out of compassion and love. W. W. J. D.
What would Jesus do.

I am the type of person to plant a seed, an idea and let God help it grow with in that person.

If this person is open to ministry and I feel that the door has been opened up for a work to begin, then I am in there with all I can offer that is of use to this brother or sister.

I will only debate another's thoughts and opinions to a certain point. If they are open to knowing what I have to share then as I stated before, I am all for it.
This of course is always done with compassion and love guided by the Holy Spirit.

I had never really thought about the white garb worn by the doctor's and scientists as ceremonial before, but if you think about it, it is a recognition type of thing.

I do know that all that is available to these people have been made available to them through the elements on this earth created by God. As far as them being great and magical with healing powers and superior minds, I have to state that the great physician is Jesus, he heals, he has and will continue to heal, as is stated in the Bible. Rather these doctors and scientists realize it or not, they have been blessed with their abilities to do good with the gifts provided to them by God. This would include but is not limited to their minds, not all of us are cut out to be and do what they are and do. Also as stated all the elements made available to them to do their work. We can not make herbs, nor can we make any of the minerals that come from the earth and etc. You get the idea.

I had not ever thought about the ego as controlling part of a person
but I definitely agree after reading about your thoughts and mulling it over in my mind, that the ego is a constant battle within that I now understand.

I have in just the past year, since my call to ministry come to realize that we are the body, a part of the grater whole. I also had not viewed evil as something that does not exist.

I can see how it is absorbed by good and therefore becomes non existent.

I was very enlightened by the platonic view of science minded and spiritually minded people, how they are holding onto only half of reality and not applying the other half. How the mind has created what is and is not at the same time into being by a mere thought. Wow !!!!

This was deep and food for thought to say the least. The thought of symbols being created by man for the things that language can not define.

I have learned in a different way in regards to the representation of the reconciliation of opposites.

These are all one:
Good & Evil, Life & Death, Physical & Non-Physical, Physics & Metaphysics,
God & Energy, Prayer & Meditation, ect….You can come up with many more if you try.

I was also enlightened by what I learned about Saint Augustine, how he merged the philosophy of Plato and Christian ethics. Platonic doctrine had a profound influence on Christianity that is still influential to this day. Christianity had no philosophy per say of it's own, Augustine gave it one through the incorporation of Platonic doctrine.

He outlined concepts such as heaven, the soul being a perfect form of ourselves and when we die we will go to Heaven and live in perfection and harmony for eternity.

Jesus did state that the Kingdom of heaven is within you, but I do have to state that I believe in scripture as it is written in the Bible. In the New Testament it is written in the book of John 14:6 “I am the way, the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father except through me. In the Old Testament Genesis 1:1 it does state that God created the heavens and the earth, also Revelation10:6 states “and swore by him who lives forever and ever, who created heaven and everything in it and the earth and all it contains. I could go on and on in regards to this topic of heaven being written in the Bible, but I choose to merely state that I am not stating that you are wrong or that I am right, just quoting scripture. It all just depends on what you believe in. We all know that the Bible has been changed, how much is a question that I believe will remain unanswered.

I totally agree that there are some definite problems with organized religion that turns a lot of people away from churches. I myself am considered to be non-denominational and I attend a non-denominational church as a result of my past experiences in organized religion churches. This is as I have witnessed a huge cause of people loosing their faith.

I agree that Jesus would not give his blessing of the torture and burning of so called heretics.

Nor would he bless the Inquisition. Stereotyping all people that refer to them selves as Christians is not a practice of mine. That would be like me stereotyping bikers I am part of an organization called Bikers For Christ, it is a motorcycle ministry and I have experienced the stereotyping involved with this title.

I enjoyed the food for thought about how the unconscious mind is able to make you act with out conscious thought, even drawing on past conscious acts and experiences. Wow !!!

Neat stuff, the human mind is so awesome.

I totally agree in regards to social interaction and recognition being a very necessary part of the human well being. I believe that with out this interaction you become a very unhappy, discontented person. With the motorcycle ministry my husband and I have experienced a lot of people needing this social interaction. This an awesome experience, because not only do we minister to this person, but we also make a new friend. We have swapped a lot of phone numbers and made a lot of new friends. I consider these and all people to be my sisters and brothers in Christ. 

After all, we are all connected, we are all a part of the whole.

Schopenhauer was definitely on the right track in regards to us all being of one.
It's too bad that he didn't realize that this also included a oneness also in a spiritual way.

He then could have experienced the peace and joy found by having faith in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

Until reading this I had not realized that Buddhism and Atheism shared the same belief that our existence ends into nothingness, back to the universal energy where it came from.

I found it intriguing that the eastern and western peoples came to the same belief of consciousness is an illusion that fools a person into suffering.

I agree with the power of manifesting what we allow our conscious mind to focus on.

I have found it is important to know that the great philosophers have proven that science can not define any laws with any concrete certainty, with time and the thought process changing, so does experimental out comes, so called proofs.

In lesson # 13 I thought it very thought provoking, but complex to ponder a thought of the universe being a projection of our moral selves and that we are beings existing in some plane other than what we believe to be the real world.

Schilling in my opinion was missing the rest of the thought of what we are part of. Nature, as you put it, could easily be called God. Is it not also part of the whole?

I take great joy in stating that we as humans do eventually mature to a total acceptance of a state of forgiveness and self realization. I imagine there are and have been and will continue to be those who sadly enough do not reach this maturity level. Hopefully those are put into our paths to minister to. Be it God's will.

As far as Hegel's philosophy of us being a combination of spirit and mind, being the ultimate form, being the makeup of existence,this is some what parallel in my opinion to the mind and thought process guided by the Holy Spirit that was sent to guide us. Some refer to this as a conscious. I agree with his idea of us all being connected, a part of the whole. Hopefully he is right in his thinking about there being a balance in conflict and strife some day.

I have learned that Marxism was the intellectual foundation of communism, most of the Marxism views were taken from Hegel. True Marxism is a materialist philosophy and completely atheist. Hegel believed in the spirit. Marxism denied the realities of human nature and painted a picture in his mind that is not possible because of human nature, but yet because of the harmonious picture he painted, it is imaginable.

I disagree with the existentialists mind set. I believe that there is another plane, level or what ever you want to call it, after the body dies there is more to come. This is just in my opinion a part of our existence. The soul, energy, spirit or what ever you'd like to call it goes back as part of the whole.

Darwin, I think is as far off the map as can be and any one accepting his beliefs are yes, probably very depressed and trying to figure out what their purpose, if any they have in the grand scheme of things in life.

It has to say the least been interesting to learn how modern society has been influenced by philosophical ideas from the past. I agree that everything influences every thing else, even time has had no barrier on human beliefs.
Things are forever changing in the realm of cause and affect, today is tomorrow’s history.

I had not until now, after reading this course pondered the idea of self analyzing myself for any unconscious or conscious driven self serving purpose when ministering to a person I think is in need. Hmmm. Food for thought.

I really felt that your sharing of your own personal experiences and the journey that led you to the call of ministry was very thoughtful of you and not unlike, I would think so many other people's calling that also includes lessons to be learned, heart ache and a humbling of mind and spirit.

As I have learned through my own personal journey that led to ministry, and it did include all of the afore mentioned, God will get your attention one way or another. If you choose to hear and answer the call is a personal choice. I can only imagine that it would be very unsettling to not answer that ever present, divine calling.
As it is written in the New Testament, Revelation 3:20, Here I stand at the door and knock.

If any one hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me.

As far as the trials that are endured, it is written in 1 Peter 1:6, In this you greatly rejoice, though for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials. These have come so that your faith-of greater worth than gold, which perishes even though refined by fire-may be proved genuine and may result in praise, glory and honor when Jesus Christ is revealed. So as you can see trials sharpen your faith.
As you stated in the lesson, the gates will be opened with much to be endured, we will be tested, gleamed each time and made stronger.

I have been very enlightened by this course in defining spiritualism and believe it will serve me well along my never ending journey of enlightenment. I have definitely realized that I know that I know nothing for certain.

I strongly recommend this course to any one who wants to be an affective contributing human being in society, it is in my opinion a must read for ministry.

God Bless and thanks for sharing all you have.
Your sister in Christ,
Jeanette Buschman
Ordained 12-28-2005


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Monday, March 28, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

I learned that there is a much greater connection between the people in the healing profession than I had ever before known of or considered, both past and present and that both have had an important impact on each other.

I also learned that I can use parts of the lessons to harness and fine tune parts of my own abilities that still need the rough edges smoothed.

I learned that the abilities I have in terms of healing can be fine tuned with a little effort and practice.

I like the fact that I can re visit some of the lessons to hone and fine tune some parts of my abilities.

I don't really think there was very much to dislike about this course, except reading on and on about the African Healers was a tad bit tedious.
I have a greater connection to Native American Healers.
In general, the course was fascinating.

What I can relate to in terms of this course, is that I have already been doing healing for others for several years, with a great deal of success.

Although what I do is quite a bit different, as most of my work is distance instead of hands on, as per being a shut in and recluse, I don't do anything to bring on these abilities, except to be able to do deep visualization, sending that energy from my heart chakra.
For example; When my Grandmother broke her arm, I felt it in my own arm.

I was able to go to her at night, as she slept, as my Astral or Higher Self, placing a "White Light Cast" over her arm, allowing it to heal more quickly, much to the surprise of her doctors.

They were stunned with the rate of speed at which her arm healed.
All it requires now, is just a brace.

I think I would like to know more about seeing Auras, although I will likely go back and try to re study that lesson again, to see if I can fine tune that.

I will also see if I can try to complete the lessons that I was not able to or complete to any degree.

Rev. Bryan


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Friday, March 25, 2011

Spirit Quest

Spirit Quest Program Wrap Essay

The impact of the Spirit Quest Program was very interesting and enlightening. My perception was that some of the discourses appeared to be based in a real sense of fear. Here are some examples: the fear of not being protected, the fear of doing things incorrectly, good vs. evil, positive and negative, etc. This was surprising to me in comparison to where I have chosen to live my life, my healing practice, and my ministry.

As human beings we have learned and lived from a point a fear for 2000 years. This has not been as beneficial as one may have thought. It was beneficial to learn some important aspects of evolving, however teaching and living from the point of fear are outdated. The true teachings from the many sacred beings that have come before were from a being in the present moment, in the pure energy of simple love. Evolving from the fear base in our lives and moving towards living life on every level from the point of love is a way of becoming enlightened. The discourses did give me the opportunity to understand what I hold as beliefs in my life and how I live those beliefs.

For fifteen years I have chosen to base my healing and teaching practice, as well as my ministry from the belief that “no harm created, no harm will follow.” This has served me well. From that point, the Divine is pure love, universal life energy, which is life giving and sustaining. A few of the discourses that came from a sense of fear were surprising. Understanding that I am capable of learning something from every experience, and noting that in the beginning of the program it was written to take what felt comfortable, this was what I followed.

The discourses that I found the most helpful and able to integrate into my life were: Creating Your Own Reality, Speaking In The Positive, Asking The Right Question, and Forgiveness. In Creating Your Own Reality, the information given was wonderful and seemed to easily be applied. Perhaps it was the added push to read and practice the information that suited my beliefs in life, which reinforced what had already been learned and read. The impact continues to be a daily part of life.

Speaking In The Positive helped to cinch without a question a thought process that now has become a thoughtful way of life. The interaction and response from the communities, people, and family is very pleasant. Communication is clearer and concise on all levels.

Asking The Right Question allowed the recognition of the mindfulness that is needed in the areas that would benefit from change. Creating a heartfelt intention and investing energy into the well thought out request has made a very positive impact.

The Forgiveness discourse gave the opportunity to look at everything that was uncomfortable in life, and come to a wonderful healing resolve. I now understand that forgiveness is not only for others, but makes the greatest strides when it is applied to self. This is a point that is too easily forgotten in the ever changing and evolving world.

Rev. Lucia Camara


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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

Final Essay
Rev. Barry Deel

            The master of metaphysical healing was quite informative and yet refreshing.  I very much like the course in its layout and the way it was presented.  The diversity that is allowed throughout the course makes it ideal for any faith or belief.  I also liked the terms and vocabulary that were given.  I found them to be very useful in explaining information and the way things happen in a healing to my new clients.  They seemed to understand and relate better to me and the healing they were receiving.   

            I especially liked the lessons on the healer's morals and ethics and code of conduct.  I have been a healing practitioner now for over twenty years and have taken quite a few courses and classes and none have touched on this subject as well as this course.  I am also very impressed, being a health care professional, that there were lessons on taking a medical history.  I was glad to see that the course presented you with actual forms for taking a medical history that you could use in your healing practice as well as a disclaimer that the healer can present to the client for a signature. 

            How to properly handle clients that have mental or substance abuse issues was also something that I was not expecting to see.  The lessons and the way that the healer should handle these types of clients were very good.  As a healer, I also like the fact that the course gave you examples and ways to handle presenting information to a client in order to get them to see a medical doctor without the healer diagnosing their client.

            I would like to see the master of metaphysical healing course extended by maybe three additional lessons.  Those lessons being on subjects like "What to do when healing does not work in the eyes of the client."  "What to do or say when a healing relationship should come to a close."  "How a healer goes about getting insured and registered."  These are just a few that I think will enhance the course.
            Over all the master of metaphysical healing is a course that I would respectfully suggest to other healers in order to bring about some form of unified way of service and professional conduct here in the United States.


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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spiritual Awareness

Michael S Barth

            Humans today are experiencing a spiritual awakening.  With the technological advances made over the few centuries, the world is becoming more connected through advances such as the internet, airplanes, medicine, cell phones, faxes, etc.  These advances have allowed for speedy transmission of information allowing people to access information that would have otherwise taken a longer time to obtain.  Also, with the airplane, humans can travel to almost any place on Earth in a considerably short time which might have taken months on a ship.  People are thus able to learn more about other cultures and to actually experience the culture first hand.

            Many teachings from different cultures have made their way to places on Earth where they may not have occurred.  These teachings include such things as Transcendental Meditation which was introduced to the West in the late 1950's by His Holiness Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and Buddhism which is becoming ever more popular in the West especially since His Holiness Dalai Lama was exiled from Tibet in the late 1970's.

            As far as the First Insight of Awareness is concerned, coincidences that occur just do not randomly happen.  People are trying to awaken themselves to the unseen power of this universe.  In the past, I have experiences where I had gone somewhere and remembered being there before.  One example is when I was in the Boy Scouts and attending the National Jamboree at Fort A. P. Hill in Virginia, just outside Washington, D. C.  Our troop was touring the area and we stopped off to tour a Navy ship.  When we started walking up to the ship, I was flabbergasted when I had memories of being there before as a child.  I asked my mom when we had been there but she told me that I had not been to the Washington, D. C. before attending this Boy Scout Jamboree.

            Also, in the West, our lives have become more complicated and more fast-paced that sometimes we do not have the time to think about what we are experiencing or what exactly we are doing.  I have lived this way for a long time as well as many people I know.  Things would happen where I did not think about it much.  Things that I experienced while living this fast-paced lifestyle is thinking about calling someone and they called me first or thinking about writing a letter or e-mail to someone I haven't talked to in a long time but I get something from them first.  For along time, I just wrote these events off as coincidences and never gave them much thought.  Now I give these events some thought onto why it occurred.  Now-a-days, my thought is that these coincidences were supposed to happen and might have been planned by unseen divine forces that humans are not consciously aware of.

            I have been incorporating this First Insight of Awareness of the last three years without realizing it.  I learned Transcendental Meditation and I have started going back to church.  Also, some attitude changes have occurred but have only realized it recently.  For many years, I partied hard and I did not care about anything or anyone, including myself.  About three years ago, I decided to quit partying because I realized that I was bored of that lifestyle since it was the same people doing the same thing over and over again.  After I quit partying, I started thinking about life and what I was supposed to be doing with my life.  Then a series of meeting the right people and some events, I got to thinking more.  This is how synchronicity has worked in my life.  I did not know this at the time but these events were the action of divine forces.

            I did not know at the time that I was starting on a new journey that I would not have considered at an earlier age.  When I was younger, I was almost obsessed with material possessions and trying to accumulate as many items as I could.  This started changing the farther down the road I got.  The items I was hording sometimes I did not even need at the time I got the item.  Now, I have either given these items away to people I know that needed these items or I donated the items to charity.  Also, I started making new friends and these friends are on their own journey.

            One of the other lessons in this course that I learned and was not aware of it until I read it was the Fourth Insight which is the tendency of humans to take or steal other people's energy.  I did not realize that I was trying to do this in my own life.  My energy level always seemed higher when I tried to force or manipulate other people to do things my way.  This was done a lot at work and at home.  I was not aware why I had more energy when I did this but I now know why.  Now, my energy level is higher when I connect to God.  I connect using the Transcendental Meditation that I learned and through prayer.  Prayer was hard at first because I learned I was not praying the right way, but now that I have learned the right way I am trying to keep do the right form of prayer.

            With connecting with God on a daily basis, I am less likely to anger problems, my attitude is better, and my mental/emotional illness is getting better.  Also, I have a lot fewer days where I am symptomatic of my mental illness.  Also, connecting with this universal energy, I feel more secure about myself and have had a lot less conflict in my life.  Before, I was always feeling insecure about myself and I was in these conflicts with people that do not happen as much now as they did before.  Today, I do not worry about how I look or if I make a mistake.  I do not worry about being corrected in front of people nor do I worry about making the right impression just to feel better.  With conflict today, I do not correct people like I did in the past.  In the past, I would correct people in front of other people in a demeaning way just to make myself look good.  I would purposefully start arguments just for the heck of it.  Now, I correct people by pulling the person to the side or if I have to do it in front of people, I do it in the most respectful way.  I do not go around starting arguments just for the heck of it.
            These results are not by accident.  When I started this course, I did not know exactly what I was going to be learning.  Going through this course was thrilling because I learned about why I was doing things like starting an argument.  It was like being in the Child state saying "I didn't do it" or "Everybody hates."  These actions (e.g. TM, prayer, etc.) have helped me realize this and I have incorporated these actions into my daily life.
            I enjoy sharing my experience and journey with other people.  I tell them the path that I took to get to where I am today.  When telling other people about my experience/journey, I do not shove anything down their throats like I use to.  If people have questions, I give them an honest answer or point them in the direction of someone who can give them a better answer.  I also have allowed people to disagree with me and not starting an argument at the same time.  My relationships are better with people.
            In the past, I would have told people that there is only one way to get to where I am or how to do things and that was my way doing things.  Now, I let people walk their own path and I let them decide now how to walk whatever path they would like.  I just try to provide with the tools for that journey or try to help them to locate those tools.  Also, I let people know that I love them no matter what even if they make mistakes no matter how big or small or even if we disagree with each other.
            Before taking this course and others offered at the ULC Seminary, I would have thought that only losers get into this area.  But now I know that people explore courses like this to live better lives and that these people are winners.  This course was very helpful to me in many ways.  I was able to look at my behavior with a new light.  My behavior before I started this journey was less than ideal.  Now, my behavior is more ideal.  This course was time well spent.  It was laid out very well and can tell that the instructor really knows this subject well.  There are things that I am still incorporating into my life from this course.  This course has a lot of useful information in it.  Now I can share my journey better and can add new things too.  I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.


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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical Healing Essay 1: Healing Practices in the United States
Rev. Ira J. Potter 

Technology-wise, the United States is one of the global leaders in healing. Hospitals here offer the most advanced diagnosis and treatment options available anywhere, and groundbreaking discoveries in almost all categories are happening with more and more frequency as technology becomes more advanced. Provided you have the means to pay for it, there are few places in the world to receive better medical care.

In addition to Western medicine, there is a plethora of other treatment options available. Acupuncture continues to grow in popularity, now with more than 50 accredited schools in 19 states specifically geared towards teaching the Eastern medicinal art. This art consists of applying needles to various points in the body known to practitioners as meridians that the body's natural energy, or qi, flows along. Western medicine has yet to determine the medicinal value of acupuncture, however, and at best says it acts as a placebo effect.

Alternative medicine is also becoming more prevalent in U.S. society as more people turn to herbal remedies due to the rising cost of prescription medication. Garlic and Echinacea are very popular natural antibiotics, and ginkgo bilopa is a bestseller for improving brain and memory function. Ginkgo has also been used to combat asthma and lung congestion, and to generally promote physical and mental well being. Ginseng is another big seller because it is believed to improve physical performance and help boost the body's natural defenses. Increasing numbers of people have also begun to use fish oil extract in recent years because of its omega-3 content, which helps control cholesterol. Omega-3s are also believed to provide relief from a wide range of problems including arthritis, depression and migraines.

Another alternative medical art gaining popularity in the U.S. is the Indian Ayurveda, which relies heavily on oils for various treatments. This system of medicine also promotes an entire dietary plan, and employs the use of vegetable drugs like cardamom and cinnamon. Cardamom, in particular, is used to treat a wide range of ailments from teeth and gum infections to breaking up kidney and gallstones. It has also been used as an antidote for snake and scorpion venom.

Yoga and meditation are also widely used in the United States for mental and physical improvement. Nintendo's Wii Fit includes some beginner and advanced yoga poses that have been a hit with the public, making Wii Fit Nintendo's most popular, and by extension best selling, game for the Wii game system. More and more people are discovering the benefits of both yoga and meditation with the former being taught in health spas and community centers across the country. Faith healing can also be found here, although unfortunately most "faith healers" are usually found to be charlatans exploiting honest people's beliefs for a profit. Some are said to possess the power to lay on hands, but belief of this in the United States is minimal in the general public.

The United States offers an ever-increasing variety of healing practices from all over the world. Traditional modern western medicine, traditional eastern medicine, alternative medicines and everything in between can be found here. The federal government, and the Federal Drug Administration in particular, continues to frown upon alternative medicine, contesting that modern medicine is the best method of curing ailments and diseases. But as modern medicine becomes increasingly more expensive more people are turning to and rediscovering the benefits that alternative medicine has to offer, and usually at a much more affordable cost.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

Thomas Voss

"Healing can be defined as the ability to heal all levels of a person's being, through animating the vital force within."

From the time I was a boy in catechism class at our little Episcopal Church the idea of healing with a touch fascinated me. The "laying on of hands" has come up time and time again throughout my life. The way Jesus did things had class. When I saw that ULC Seminary offered a course in Metaphysical Healing I was on board in a heart beat. And, I was very pleased that it was offered by Dr./Rev. Katharine Kruger. Her name and work in South Africa had come up before as a healer and educator. I was sure she would have a great course and I wasn't disappointed.

We have all heard about auras, charkas, and other mysterious things from the Eastern religions. For most of my life it just baffled me how anyone could go around talking about that sort of thing keeping a straight face. Dr. Kruger offers all these topics plus the seven subtle bodies together with the human endocrine system in her course. And, all the while, she intricately weaves them together in a believable approach to healing. For me, finally, it was easy to associate high energy levels in and around powerful endocrine glands with healing energy of the chakras. From there it wasn't hard to go with a system of Auric fibers connecting the subtle bodies with the charkas together with the Peripheral Nervous System.
"It is important to remember that the Human Energy Field is not something that is separate from the body. It is an extension of the physical, because the peripheral nervous system continues beyond the skin surface, in a very subtle form." The Etheric Body, Emotional Body, Mental Body, Astral Body, Etheric Template, Celestial Body, the Ketheric Template, and the Auric Sheath are all part of the human aura. Again, all of these except the Auric Sheath correspond directly to one of the seven charkas. In turn, the charkas relate directly to one of the endocrine glands.
For instance, the Celestial body, the 6th subtle system corresponds with the 6th charka and the pineal gland. The Celestial Body is regarded as the most beautiful of the subtle bodies (pearl in color) and is the body within which spiritual ecstasy is manifested with in deep states of meditation. It is likely that early Christian artist were representing the celestial body in the "halos" they placed around the head of the Christ and of the saints.
Those are the sorts of things about which we learned from Dr. Kruger's course. In other lessons Rev. Kruger provides a sound introduction to, taking medical histories and clinic operations. One thing I grasped right away was that it is very naive to think one could take a course then put up a shingle and begin to heal the masses.
Dr. Kruger mentioned in one of her lessons that in Africa after one is initiated there is a course (an apprenticeship) of study that may take 6 or 7 years. That seems a bit more reasonable. However, among different interventions I've done and still do using hypno-therapy, NLP, and acupressure it seems like adding some metaphysical healing techniques will definitely help my clients (OK in small doses while I'm learning). My wife, my sister, and my brother all have troubles with there lower backs. All three are bed ridden from time to time painfully unable to move. Now, I don't know what I did to all three of these people (It could be that I'm just a pain in the . . .) but, the least I could do was to offer up some healing. So, I took the course intending to add it to acupressure and hypnosis. We'll see.
The places wherein she talks about the medicine man – shamans out in the bush and their beliefs and approaches to healing are especially entertaining. The African medicine men have an idea that healing is magic mixed with the spiritual. "In African Culture the ancestors could be the spirits of deceased family members who now wish to continue their healing work through the mediumship of the initiate." The idea that there could be a number of spirits hanging around is really spooky to me – pun intended. I find Dr. King's approach using Universal Energy to heal much more appealing.
Tribal healers believe that people who do wrong will cause there own illness and illness for the whole tribe as well. Another belief of the tribal healers encompasses "soul loss" and they conduct soul retrieval to heal. Wow! Anyway, it was all very enlightening and there wasn't any part that I didn't like.
One comment as a caution about 'past life regression', as a practicing hypno-therapist I've been in classes and other situations not in my control wherein neophyte-therapists unwittingly created for their class mates/clients many 'past lives' and even spaceships. Any therapist must be ever so very careful how this type of induction is approached not to mention how it is conducted.
On a popular TV show that is all about UFOs, the staff was investigating where and how the aliens abduct people. During the show they contacted a popular hypno-therapist who was doing "research." This therapist is an avid UFO fan and has "studied" aliens for many years. During an induction they were airing that night the audience should have readily seen that what really happened was an overzealous therapist placed his client(s) right in the middle of an alien spaceship! Neither the client nor any aliens had anything to do with this reality.
To begin with, the very reason that that particular client sought out that particular hypno-therapist was to find other-world aliens somewhere in his (the client's) 'Sub-conscious' mind(s). Both gentlemen were ripe to find some aliens. The entire interlude was completely contaminated. Presupposition is the bane of all any therapy and all religion.
Too much of what therapists believe comes up in the heads of their clients. If somebody wants a past life they can probably find a "therapist" who'll give them any number they want. I do not presume to question someone as important as is Dr. Kruger in the world of metaphysical healing. I do think it is important that all her students clearly understand that induction into any level of hypnosis is a truly powerful process and that an outright novice shouldn't be messing around with it without real guidance. Enough said.

Respectfully submitted,
Thomas A. Voss


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Spirituality Course

Defining Spirituality Course from the ULC Seminary
Defining Spiritualism Essay
Rev. Baudouin B.

I must first of all say that this course was one of the most learned in the Seminary, and that it would be interesting for any reader, even non-ministers. The discussion on the history of Western thought, although obviously shortened and simplified, was very accurate, and the analysis of how modern physics and how it questions ‘standard’ scientific beliefs was very right. The parallel between science and religion was very well explained.

Every scientific theory of the past has been proven at least partially wrong. The gravitation equations of Newton are correct as long as speed remains far smaller than the speed of light, but Einstein demonstrated that they were simplified versions of other equations in which time and space are no constants as speed comes close to the speed of light. One day will come (if it did not already) when someone will prove that the equations of Einstein were only correct under certain conditions, and so on. Science, like religion, is based on belief.

As a continuous learner, I particularly liked the idea that the fundamental obstacle to learning is to believe that one already knows. That form of pride is very common at all levels of society, but people fail to realize that by wanting to be right, they often waste an opportunity to grow. Every dedicated researcher, learner or student will realize that the more he or she studies, the more he or she realizes that he or she knows nothing. Even in one particular area, there is always more to learn. In that sense, I disagree with one of the last conclusions of the course, which is that there is nothing to know. On the contrary, I believe that there is an infinite amount of knowledge, and that we should not shy away from this knowledge, but that we have to be sufficiently humble to realize that we cannot know all, even in one particular area. We will actually end-up knowing only an infinitesimally small part of the infinite knowledge, which is and will remain the domain of God. This is particularly true of the social sciences, working with humans and groups of humans who are all different, but also of the hard sciences as well, as I showed above. In that sense, instead of saying that ‘there is nothing to know’, I would say that ‘what any man can ever know amounts to nothing’, which is not far from the well-known saying of Socrates.

Another major conclusion of the course with which I agreed wholeheartedly is the fact that there is no actual objectivity, and its corollary that there is no absolute understanding. Eisenberg discovered his Uncertainty Principle (and not ‘principal’) by realizing that it was impossible to measure at the same time the position and speed of an electron: the act of measuring one would modify the other. In more mundane terms, this means that the simple fact of observing something changes it. To give an even more mundane example, do we not often act differently when we notice a beautiful person from the opposite sex looking at us? 

Likewise, understanding is not absolute, only relative. As someone said before: ‘understanding is a three-edged sword: my side, your side, and the truth’. However, this truth can never be fully grasped. In that sense, there is not so much difference between Socrates and the Sophists, because the ontological truth cannot be known, and therefore, in a way, it does not exist. Only one’s relative truth can. What people think as an absolute truth is actually an epistemological truth shared by a majority. David Hume was right when he said that there is no absolute truth – but this is only my personal epistemological truth.

Good and evil similarly are relative concepts. An act can be evil or good depending on the specific circumstances, on the point of view of the participants, or on the society among which it is performed. In the mind of most people, killing in the defense of others is good, but killing for personal gratification is evil. Killing in itself is therefore neither good nor evil. Killing Jews under the Nazi regime was good (by the Nazis), but would be considered evil in most societies today. Executing criminals is seen as good in some countries, and evil in others. Absolute principles of good or evil do not exist. Good and evil are actually one, and no act or person is fundamentally good or evil. This is another evidence of the fact that objectivity does not exist.

Likewise, life and death are just events in a continuous cycle of death and rebirth. I believe that death is not the end of the life of the soul, although some would say that death is the end of all. Therefore, death is also a subjective concept. In any case, life feeds on death as death feeds on life. In my view, being afraid of death, or feeling sad for it, is meaningless or egoistic, as in every death there is a purpose, and after every death there is a rebirth. Life and death are one.

And all of this is not an absolute truth. It is my own truth. The truth of someone who, as anyone else, knows nothing.

Yes, this course was one of the best of the Seminary. The only part I did not really found fitting was the self-flagellation story of the author during the last lesson. I failed to see what it added to the overall course content and its message. Despite what happened in his past, the author should be proud of the course he put together. Even though he would probably agree that it is only an infinitesimal part of the overall knowledge, it can be an important guiding light for others.


The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more. I have been a proud member of the ULC for many years and the Seminary since its inception.

The Universal Life Church offers hand-fasting ceremonies, funeral ceremonies and free minister training.

As a long time member of ULC, Rev. Long created the seminary site to help train our ministers. We also have a huge selection of Universal Life Church  minister supplies. Since being ordained with the Universal Life Church for so many years and it's Seminary since the beginning, I've watch the huge change and growth that has continued to happen.

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Friday, March 04, 2011

Spiritual Awareness

Rev. Anne Marie Brooks
The course was very well written. It was organized and flowed well. The lessons all went together each supporting the one before and after. The course seemed to easily fit in spiritual development and psychic development. It supported very well the information I have learned in my parapsychic science. They validate each one very well. There some things already knew from previous work but there were also some aspects that went deeper than I had previously.
I thoroughly enjoyed the ideas about Karma as a teacher, and souls having lifetimes.

Reincarnation allows us the luxury of learning the lessons we missed the last time around, and paying off past karmic debts. The use of active versus passive mediation helps people know there really is no way to do it incorrectly. The different types of mediation such as visualizations, soul trip with your guardian angel and regression mediation, which as he describes it sounds much, like self-hypnosis. I agreed with his perception of good and evil and how important it is to know yourself.

Clairvoyance, telepathy, guardian angels and Reiki spirit guides ring true to me in that I find these perceptions in all the studying I've done. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I loved his description of the Chakras and colors as these are incorporated in to energy healing sessions I do. Once he notes that we are "child of Divine Creator", which reminded me some much of the part in the Desiderata that states, "You are a child of the Universe…"
Finding your own answers is frequently done by learning and trying other religions and he suggests the use of a mentor. From my lifetime and just plain common sense there are good people in any religion and bad people in any religion, which is why it is so important to know yourself and listen to your intuition. You have all the answers in you if you will just listen and be aware of signs around you.
We also get guidance from spirit guides, guardian angels, ascended masters and animal spirit guides. I enjoyed and appreciated his discussion on high spirits versus low spirits. That is a point not made often enough.
In the chapters, that deal with the Laws, I will only comment on the one's I either hadn't heard of it before or disagree with or did quite "get". Most of the laws have been part of my training with either Reiki or parapsychic science. The law of cycles made sense but maybe too much. It just seemed like good old plain common sense. I didn't quite under his description of the Law Of Gender. In his explanation of the Law of God Will, I found myself thinking it was much like Albert Ellis' work on Rational Emotive Therapy. Beliefs cause filling, feeling cause behavior therefore if your belief is faulty than it is likely that your actions/behaviors will be wrong and not in anyone's best interest. The Law of Lotus didn't remind me of anything I'd read elsewhere and seemed to be vaguely described for to agree or disagree. I would have to say that all in all the laws he discusses I agree with and for the part have become familiar with in other areas of study. This made me feel good in that it validated previous learning.
The discussion on Ley lines was nice to see. He explains it well and how to protect yourself as well letting you know you can always call for help from guides, Archangel Michael and the use of a mirror. This was good information and area where I believe I can never have too many ways to help people know how to protect themselves if necessary. He explains Kundalini , prana, the I AM presence in terms that are easily understandable and again fit nicely with other teachings I've had. In the chapter, in which he discusses the 7 rays, their colors etc. was much like the chakras. His description of how each ascended master is associated to each color and virtue was the perfect way to wrap up the course. Although I knew a lot of this before the course I learned so much more and I must add I love the way he writes. It is down to earth and often quite humorous.


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The  ULC, run by Rev. Long, has created a chaplaincy program to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I've been ordained with Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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