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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Metaphysical Healing

From:  Rev. Joe

Subject:  Getting Started with Metaphysical Healing

To all my brothers and sisters Awake the Healer

Some of the things in this lesson  I disagree with. A healer doesn’t choose to be a Healer, a healer is Chosen to be a Healer. As a student in healing I believe we go through a process not to be taught but to remember what we already have inside us. Let me explain, like everything in our life, through my studies and readings, long before we are born into this world, we are received by the Higher Power or God to form a contract of different items we are given and are suppose to accomplish in our life time on earth, unless something cuts us short such as a illness or disease, or through our own self destruction of destroying our bodies with smoking, drugs or alcohol.

To me they’re different type of healings, sometimes you don’t have to time to order up your program and to get ready, so it becomes important to be ready 24-7, how we do that becomes important. By the way, everyone in life are called to become healers, some do and some reject it, that’s called Free Will Choice, your creator gave us that.

Choosing a good form to clean yourself up, choose something that you can relax easy, the Chakra System has been an excellent way to assist you in balancing, grounding, clearing, cleansing and reclaiming yourself.

Reading different form and experiencing and finding a comfortable one to work with.
As for myself I sit in a chair upright, hands on my laps, take the phone off the hook, dim the lights, very light music, flute, soft. Close you eyes, take at least three deep breathes inhale deep slowly through you nose filling your stomach all the way into the lungs, hold for three seconds release slowly exhaling through the mouth, repeat this at least three time, when you are inhale think of stepping into an elevator  moving up, think of clearing you mind, body and spirit, think of what you want to accomplish in this meditation, also thinking of relaxing your body parts.

Think of having a large vacuum cleaner at the base of your first Chakra, as you view your seven chakras notice if they are dirty or clean start at the base RED breath in the energized RED and pushing out the Dirty RED at the same time the vacuum cleaner is sucking up the dirty RED, until you have clean RED, continue up and do the same on each  Chakra, until all have been cleaned ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET, by this time your Chakras should be spinning up and down, and has sucked all the dirties into the vacuums sack, so tie the sack and throw it out into the universe to dissolve everything.

While in this stage as the Higher Power if anything else needs to be adjusted, healing is all in the “intent”, leave your EGO at home, be Honest for yourself, remember all the ethics involved. Remember one of the most important things is not to get the Big Head, you are the Channel, by clearing your Chakras you make a better Channel for the healing.

After a few times you will be able to recognize where you need to clear out  the parts, and what started out a forty-five minute process has turned into a five minute refresher.

On the other hand, say a pray, refresh myself and ask for instructions from God he will send the correct amount and go to the places that needs it the most, then with the Choice of Free Will the healing of the person, becomes between God and the person you worked on. 


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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spiritual Awareness

Dr. of Spiritual Awareness Final Essay by Rev Sharon J. Mayer

I used this course to build on the information learned in previous classes I have taken through UL C Seminary. It is much more intense and involved than the wonderful Spirit Quest course, which should be taken before this class is attempted. The instructors are very knowledgeable and each new concept is explained in terms that anyone can understand. Since the concepts and practice, as presented, were complete I did not use other texts or interpretations of ideas or practices during the course.

Each concept of learning was building upon another. I was so glad to read that not all beings are not able to do all things. So many times I have read that one should just do this or that and everyone who tries is able to see auras, or project good feelings or health to all. At one point I had given up trying and believe that is when my life was in a downward spiral. It has taken me forever to come to terms with where I should be on my path and all because I misunderstood where I should be and what I personally could do or accomplish.   The ideas presented in this course of  Spiritual Awareness is to go at your own speed and practice until you attain the desired level, but if it does not come you are just not to that level on your path as yet. 

The explanation of the Laws was new to me and explained in details that I was able to understand. Many of them I had not heard of before but during the lessons when we were to explore our feelings and understanding I was able to see where each came into play in my own life. I may never attain a high mastery of the all information given but I feel better about what I can do, what I must work on, and what I never might be able to do at this point.  

The course has shown me that I must never feel inferior or give up again. It is very hard to maintain a positive attitude and give of your energy all the time. I believe my next step is to find a way to have more positive energy given to me on a continual basis. Right now that does not seem to be the case. I try very hard to use other energy instead of my own but it seem at present I am in an area of my life where there is more negative energy directed toward me than external positive energy I have been  working on sending to other.  I will be working on that in the time to come.  I have reached a point of self-love which should help and I no longer feel that I have to do things to please others so my esteem is maintained in my own mind. I am finding my own pace and quiet time to enrich my own nature.

The weeks that have been spent with the lessons are showing an improvement in my well-being and it will be an on-going growth to reach higher levels and goals. This is not a read, learn, and put away class. It is a continual process of growth and the lessons given in the course will assist with the progress I am able to make. I do see very positive change in thought and feelings. I am learning self-love and that it is fine to care about yourself and not selfish at all in doing so to enable you to give more to others.

Some of the information given was new and I am not sure I can accept all of it at this time but will think about it and try my best to understand. I am new to the lessons of spirituality even after about three years of study. I do have a willing to take all information give to me to move forward in my quest. I have learned from the course that this is normal so it does not worry me as it once would have. Being a person who must understand and study all sides of each idea it may take a while longer for me to accept or reject things but while doing so I am learning and this course  has allowed me to think positively about doing things in that manner.  


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Thursday, March 01, 2012


Defining Spirituality
Final Essay
Rev. Brendan C. Cook

Spirituality. A word that means so much to so many people. Life defining, life changing concepts can be bound up in that one word. But how is it defined? What does it mean? How does one approach understanding the many concepts comprised in that one word? Though many have attempted to do so, and many systematic approaches have been developed, it is my belief that defining spirituality is at best an exercise in frustration.

Why, after taking such a superbly prepared and well-informed course, would I argue that defining spirituality is surely an exercise in frustration? Quite simply because the definition of spirituality is highly individual. There may be elements of commonality within what is commonly thought of as spirituality, but the specifics are defined and determined by the individual in question.

How many times have we, as ministers, heard the following: “I’m not really religious, but I do consider myself spiritual,”? When we hear that, what does it really mean? Is the person atheist? Agnostic? Anamist? All of the above? None of the above? Some of the people we meet in our ministry may fall into some, or even all, of these categories at some point in their lives. They may not even be sure themselves where they stand, or may not be able to precisely define their belief set or system. And that’s perfectly fine!

As ministers, it is our job to develop an understanding of the process of developing spirituality. A scientist, for example, may not believe in God in the traditional sense, or even consider him/herself a spiritual person. But they may have a clear sense that they are part of something greater than themselves; a part of the Universe which they are striving to understand through their science. As cogently argued in the lessons of Defining Spirituality, science is itself a religion of a kind and scientists are its priesthood. The evolution of this worldview, its components and influences, are essential for a minister to understand.

A grasp of the evolution of Western thought is, as the course makes plain, essential for every minister in today’s world. Defining Spirituality provides a clear, concise understanding of the major underpinnings of modern Western thought, which is especially useful for those who may not have had exposure to such a depth and breadth of ideas and ideological influences before. The course makes clear how modern thought and modern spirituality are inter-related.

Likewise, however, every minister should have a solid understanding of Eastern thought and philosophy as these both can heavily influence those who declare themselves spiritual and not necessarily religious. Eastern thought, with ideas dating back thousands of years, has become part of the modern American mindset over the last 40 years and been widely embraced by those who do not find fulfillment in traditional religious practice. In order to define spirituality and not be frustrated in the attempt, it is clear that we must define it as broadly as possible and seek to learn and understand as broadly as possible.


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