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Friday, July 29, 2011

Spiritual Awareness

By Rev. Patricia Buben

Much of this class is organized around the fact that we are spiritual beings having a human experience.  It goes on to discuss definitions of spirit.  To me, spirit is the breath of life—the essence of a person.  It can also be described as being both immortal and intelligent energy.  As spirits, we go through lifetimes (reincarnate) to learn life lessons.  We continue to reincarnate as we have lessons to learn and when we have learned them all, we become ascended masters.  An ascended master is one who evolves to pure spirit.

The concepts of spirituality are easy and must be lived on a daily basis to become valuable.  There are many elements of spirituality that are discussed and all have aspects that are needed to develop spiritually.  The ones I liked best are:

·              Having heart or being compassionate
                 Understanding how karma works
                Learning to use your intuition
                 Reincarnation – how it works and why
                Being of service to others
                 Understanding death as a natural transition
                evolution of the earth – coming earth changes

                 Practicing meditation and several meditative techniques
                 Understanding energy and using it for healing
                Perceiving good and evil
                 Knowing thyself or "Gnothi Seauton"
                Learning how to see auras
                Developing your psychic abilities
                Being able to develop self-love
                Unconditional love for others
                learning to work with your spirit guides

Most of the concepts are very familiar to me and I have studied these concepts through research and reading a variety of books.  This course is unique in that it contains so many spiritual concepts in one place.  I especially enjoyed the different meditations and learning to work with my spirit guides.  In summary, I would highly recommend this course as it is clear, concise and all-encompassing.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

Master of Metaphysical Healing Essay

In taking this course in Master of Metaphysical Healing I quickly realized that it put my own faith, knowledge and beliefs to the test. This course has asked some very compelling questions and demands of me and although my answers may be only my perception, I will try and answer them in my final essay to the best of my honesty, belief and my own personal experiences.

As I have been blessed with my own successful practice for that past two years as a Spiritualist, conducting Angelic Readings, providing Spiritual Guidance, Past Life Regression as well as performing as a proven medium, I could have never dreamed there was so much more to learn. I became curious to the realms of Metaphysical Healing a few years ago when my daughter became violently ill due to a surgery she had replacing parts of her knee with a cadaver donor part. As I was sitting in on the consultation between her and her doctor I became extremely uncomfortable with the idea of her allowing them to place a stranger’s body part inside of her own body. As she was 18 and legally able to make her own decisions I pleaded my concerns to her but she didn’t want them to take her own parts from the back of her knee to replace what she needed as the healing process would be longer and more painful.

I asked the doctor if I could clear and bless the cadaver body parts. He could not allow this so I projected my healing and clearing light on the day of her surgery to the actual surgery room. As she lay there, waiting for them to come and get her, I had a sudden need to place my hands over my daughters head and as I did, I realized I was asking for permission and protection through the divine light of God. She became very relaxed and peaceful. She accredited this simply to a mother’s touch. I accredited this to - I had no clue what was going on but I felt a surge of love and strength flow through my hands as I thanked God for allowing my hands to be the conductor of this peace and serenity.

Two days after her surgery she became violently ill. She was vomiting and had a fever of 104. I rushed her to the hospital and they said she could possibly be trying to reject the cadaver parts or had contacted an infection. I was fear stricken. She was so very sick and incoherent. When the nurses left the room I walked behind the head of her bed and stood over her. I spoke in a whisper and told her if she could hear me to relax. I then told her I was going to ask God for his grace to heal her. I placed my hands over the crown of her head and then I moved my right hand down to her chest with my left hand on her head.

(I am right handed.) I somehow had a knowing of this infection. I asked for this infection to leave her body.

I asked for healing light to surge through her body taking the infection through my right hand and then allowing it to flow through me to my left hand and out through the crown of her head. I acknowledged that I was aware that I was simply a tool being used for this healing and that I would trust and accept whatever the outcome. I placed my trust completely within the divine and healing light of God.

Within about 15 minutes, she became wide awake and wanted to sit up. I told her to relax as I needed to clear myself of this infection. With her eyes still closed she asked,”Mom, what did you do?”

“I’m not sure,” I said, but I think I just conducted a healing. Her fever broke and she had no more nausea. When the nurses came in they said she probably just had a reaction to the anesthesia. They offered her juice but she was craving water. We went home an hour later. That was lesson one for me.

I ordered this course to learn what had happened to us that day. I wanted to learn what I had done that day and how I had done it. And then – during this course – another opportunity presented itself. This time it was my 30 year old son.

I was on Lesson 17 when we got a call from my daughter in law telling us that our son who is a bread man could not drive home and that he was experiencing terrible dizziness and numbness in his arms. She was going to pick him up from work and take him directly to the hospital as he was having symptoms of a heart attack. We met her at the hospital to pick up our grandchildren and went home. After they examined him they sent him home with a diagnosis of vertigo. He simply needed rest.

We took the kids home that night and I walked into my son’s bedroom and lay down next to him on the bed. I placed my right hand on his chest as he was sleeping and had a knowing instantly that they had missed something. I knew it wasn’t his heart. I trusted my reading capabilities but now needed to put my class knowledge to the test. I asked for permission to come into his space and as I received that permission I instantly felt a vibration from his stomach. I felt it looked like a yellow starburst, like a small sunshine in his stomach. I asked him if he had a stomach ache. He said no. and then – just as if someone had taken me by the face and screamed at me I knew he had a block in his stomach. I could see it. It made no sense to me at all as to why this would cause vertigo but I made him promise to ask our family doctor the next day to check his stomach. Our family doctor has known me for over twenty years and he is aware of what I do for a living. He doesn’t understand it - but I knew he would listen.

So, the next day, I was reading over my lessons beginning with lesson one making sure I of what I should be doing as my son was at the doctor and our doctor gave him the old once over and told him that vertigo was quite common and to take some time off. That is when my daughter in law told him that I wanted him to check my son’s stomach. Our doctor asked if I said this specifically and my daughter in law told him yes. Reluctantly, he asked my son to lie down on the table and my son was a bit embarrassed as he said you are kidding right? Our doctor simply told him that if he didn’t check his stomach that he would never hear the end of it from me.

So as he listened with a stethoscope for about three minutes, he then pressed on my sons stomach and he about came off of the table. Our doctor then turned and slammed his hand on the wall and exclaimed, “How does she do that?!!! He has a hernia!”

My daughter in law then whispered to him that I have a knowing. He exclaimed that I was a crack pot – but that I was a correct crackpot.

My son had a hernia that was about to burst and yes this will cause vertigo. And this was lesson two of many for me.

I have gone over my lessons in this class many times. I can not possibly retain all of the terms I need to remember as I use this wonderful class as a tool. I have conducted healing sessions in my session’s room and they have been successful although they have been very light healing such as a broken heart etc. Baby steps, but I don’t mind at all. I have printed out all of my lessons and I use it as my text book. And each and every time I read it I learn and retain something new.

This is a fascinating course and although I can not recite all I have learned verbatim, my hopes are that some day I will. However, my knowing of what and how to heal is there. I have learned how to identify and ground myself to listen.

It is my belief that terminal conditions do in fact exist and I think that we do have to acknowledge these diagnoses as the proof is in the pudding so to speak - however – we do not have to accept it. In other words, this diagnosis is true in that tests have revealed it is so and if this is our spiritual path out of this existence then so be it – but what if it isn’t? What if this is simply a plight or lesson for us at this time in our life - perhaps a test of faith if you will? If this is so, then I truly do believe this is where spiritual healing comes in. What do we have to lose?

Spiritual Healing in my opinion is all in the eyes of the beholder. Yes, I am aware that some do believe it is the work of the devil – whoever he is? I do all of my work within the divine light of God therefore – the devil as he is called – has no existence in my realm of healing. I have no space for him. He too – is in the perception of the beholder. I call upon God and my angels for healing, guidance and wisdom.

When I am asked if this treatment will cause pain and how does it work, I simply say, it has been my experience that spiritual healing causes no physical pain. As I am a practicing spiritualist I have only had the experience of observing emotional pain. Lots of tears flow in my session’s room and I believe that to be the body’s way of clearing emotional toxins from within one’s self. Not to worry, most healers have lots of hugs and tissues.

I do not believe that any one person has to believe in any thing or any one that you do not want to believe in, in order to be healed. However, it is more than obvious that they do believe that an illness exists inside of them, therefore, they do have a belief in some thing. That is key. It doesn’t matter what you yourself believe as much as it matters that you believe in something. I, myself believe in the divine light of healing and I can call upon my own belief to heal through my knowledge of my lessons learned through this course, faith, love and the divine light of God. I, myself allow my client to choose the ambiance they prefer to conduct our sessions, therefore, if they want candles and a darker setting - so it will be - and if they don’t – then we wont. I created my session’s room for the privacy and comfort of my clients. I can read and heal in a garage if need be. Confidentiality and complete serenity has been beautifully created for my clients comfort and privacy and they, themselves, choose what that environment will be.

As I believe that we are all here for a reason, the healers who have prescribed other treatments have done so for a reason. That reason is based upon past experience and history of possible recovery. Therefore, I am not one to criticize another healer whether they be a surgeon or doctor or???? A client’s treatment is a personal decision that only they can make. Sadly, I can not guarantee a cure, however, what I can offer is my gift of the belief that I can call upon a higher power to allow me to help and try to heal along with other healers and my fee is based upon what they can afford. It has been my experience that when we make this about money, then we take away from the true gift. Someone else who can afford it - will pay it forward. This has always been my belief and the way I conduct my sessions. Through the healing energy I have called upon based upon my faith.

The most precious gift we are given here in this place is time. That is our only risk.

Thank you for this most enlightening class that I will be studying for many years to come.

Many Blessings in Light and Love,

Marti Tote


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Monday, July 25, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

As a Reiki Master and long time Reiki practitioner who has studied other alternative healing modalities I thoroughly enjoyed this course although most of the information was familiar to me. It is, however, the most comprehensive of any metaphysical healing course I have read and would be beneficial to all spiritual healers, experienced or new to the practice. It certainly was a great refresher for some of the material I had forgotten. Valerie Archer's “The Healer's Oath” is exactly what I have needed to add to my Reiki classes as a guideline for attitude and action.

The most important aspect of what I learned from this course was the lesson on determining our own reality. The New Age Movement in general, of which I consider myself a member, often promotes the idea that we are totally responsible for what occurs in our lives; we brought all situations and conditions on ourselves by our either rightful or wrongful thoughts. This ideology has never made sense to me and I have seen the damage it has done to already wounded people. I have worked with young women who were victims of rape as little children and had been told they didn't have enough Jesus in their hearts or they wished the rape on themselves or their actions somehow caused it. I have seen how much despair, unhappiness and further loss of sense of self-worth this type of preaching has had on these women. I always counseled them that, as children, they did nothing to cause a criminal act to be committed on them. I explained that they, most unfortunately but absolutely through no fault of their own, just got caught up in the misguided life of someone else. Instances of rape and other abuse were easy to discuss in this way but there have been times in my own life when something really dreadful has occurred and I was vulnerable to the thought that I wished for myself a particular disaster, like a serious, permanent health problem. Logically, I couldn't believe I would have done that willingly but several people would tell me that I had and, as I said, some books I read agreed. It was extremely gratifying to have Rev. Kruger validate what I have told abused women for years. I also tremendously appreciated the opportunity to read Ted Andrews' calculation of approximately what percent of our lives we can control and Leo Rutherford's comments explaining why that is so.

I also found the information regarding the “Shadow” concept most interesting, especially, the suggestion that one can use his/her “Shadow” to assist in personal enlightenment. Perhaps teaching others to realize that their “Shadows” are archives of negativity could help them to avoid visiting that place or dwelling on what is inside it extensively and, instead, focus on more pleasant experiences.

As stated above, the entire course is relevant to my work as a Healer, was interesting, comprehensive, extremely informative and well presented. There was nothing I disliked regarding the course.

Rev. Mary McGar

This course was made available through the Universal Life Church and its online seminary.


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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Spirituality Course

I would like to thank Amy for all her hard work. This was a great discourse and a great discourse to help with my ministering.

One thing I learned was that, with metaphysical discussions, you can’t move too fast or too soon or you will scare off science minded people. It is easier to minister to heart minded people. Heart minded people are easier because they intuitively feel the truth of the message. We must remember that we are ministering to people who are searching for meaning. It is important, therefore, that we learn to minister to all people.

Things to look for in heart driven people: feeling oriented, intuitive, receptive to spiritual ideas, touchy-feely, warm and compassionate, accepts contradictions freely and they accept things on faith.

Things to look for in mind driven people: they are analytical, rational, and somewhat distant, reject any contradictions, logical, does not believe what he cannot see, and thinks faith to be an illusion.

I learned that it was important for the person you are ministering to, to seek knowledge. Remember to be patient, kind, accepting and remain alert to signs that you are beginning to push someone too far too fast.

This discourse talked about a lot of philosophers and their viewpoints. Some of them that were covered are: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Saint Augustine, Immanuel Kant, Schopenhauer, Fichte, Hegel and most influential are Karl Marx, Freud and Darwin.

Another point I learned was, with greater understanding of the forces motivating the people we minister to in this society, it gives us a greater ability to help them in their times of need.

Spiritualism has a lot to do with faith. We have learned many ways to minister to those who are logically minded and who reject spiritual ideas, simply because they don’t understand faith even if they reject faith.

Here’s the bottom line for me. God teaches through people. I can convey what he compels me to convey. I can be kind and giving and love all people, but I allow the power of God to flow through me, for I have no qualifications myself to minister without God. 

Rev. Nancy Rutledge


The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have various classes in Christianity, one on Wicca, along with several Pagan courses, more than a few courses about Metaphysics with more being added regularly.

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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

Subject: Master of Metaphysical healing

    First let me say that I am grateful to have this opportunity to be able to partake in the lesson.

    It is understandable how throughout the ages humans have lived in fear of what they do not understand. The practice of any type of healing is as old and intriguing as the universe itself. From the first person to figure out what plant caused what reaction to the hands on faith works of today.

     Slowly ideals of what is traditional for healing are changing. Sadly a lot of the indigenous tribes which have practiced traditional healing for their entire existence are slowly disappearing due to modern progress.

    It is uplifting and a blessing that there are some individuals that have the awareness that all things are connected and that modern medicine and traditional medicine can co-exist. I find it interesting that no matter how you examine true healing, it is all a matter of spirituality.

    It is important that any healer have a base knowledge of body function to help assess any treatment. However it is imperative that that healer also have a secure understanding that the soul and spirit must be treated as well.

In treating the spirit and body we can use many different methods from hands on to spirit quests, oils and aromas, even working with energy fields. I think that the most important here is that the healer has to make the spirit and physical connection of the one in need of healing. They have to make that connection for both to receive that divine energy.

     There is also another faucet to this healing triad. Let us not forget the mental aspect. Sometimes it is not always physical. Healing is also about breaking old behaviors and self destructive patterns and helping secure a spiritual connection.

It may have to go as deep as a life recall in order to understand the damages so the healing process can begin or the process may be as simple as stating some loving, healing and some type of positive affirmations each day.

    With all the things that happen in the medical world these days, it becomes ever troublesome to find some one to trust. This is even harder for those in the fields of Natural Healing. I truly find it appalling that some one would take such a divine gift and cause harm or give false practice.

I believe that in order to respectfully assist any one in the healing process you need to make sure that they are open fully to the experience. Be certain that you have knowledge of any prior treatments, both traditional and medical. I also feel that it is imperative that you get as much back ground information (fears, traumas, etc) as they are comfortable in giving. It is my thought that you can not fully treat the person if you do not understand why they came to you in the first place.

    I feel that any one making a conscious decision to pursue this path has a strict moral and spiritual obligation to adhere to the Healers Oath.

Many Blessings
Ed Click


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Spiritual Development

Essay for Doctor of Spiritual Development

I was originally drawn to this course as it was probably the only one I have seen that links up NLP and hypnosis with aspects of spirituality.

I have to lay my cards on the table and say at the outset that I am not exactly new to the subject of NLP. In fact, I have been associated with it now for a number of years, qualifying first as a Practitioner and, in 2009, finally achieving the status of Master Practitioner. I am also a registered hypnotherapist in the United Kingdom with a lifelong interest in that subject.

However, I am aware that this is not the "be all and end all".  All systems of belief and practice have their limitations and constraints. The danger of misusing systems such as NLP is that they can achieve an almost cult-like status. NLP has its followers, its own language and jargon, its "founding fathers" and influential writers and teachers. It is tempting, although unhelpful, to live within an NLP world seeing everything in these terms. In my model of the world, I see NLP as most useful when it is integrated into everyday life and practice rather than as a belief system operating on its own (and perhaps that seems strange, coming from an NLP Master Practitioner!).

To me, one of the great strengths of NLP that differentiates it from a cult is that it never seeks to assess or judge anyone's beliefs. It does not say what anyone "should" or "should not" believe. It does not question anyone's beliefs. It simply asks the question "Is this belief useful for YOU?"  If someone wants to believe in God and that belief is useful for him, that's fine. If someone prefers to believe that there is no God, and for him, that is a useful belief, that is also OK, from an NLP point of view.

Now, for all of us, beliefs are really important since they affect who we are. They are the basis of our values. In other words they are part of our identity. When our beliefs about ourselves and the world are attacked or under threat, we will react in some way, even if only through a strong emotion or sense of anger. Many of the dreadful terrorist activities that have taken place in the last ten years can trace their origin to beliefs and values being under attack (or, more exactly, the perception that they are under attack).

Many beliefs are formed in us when we are young.

"Don't talk to strangers. They're all bad."
"People are out to get you – you can't trust anyone."
"Little boys should be seen and not heard"
"If you don't do well in school, you'll fail in life."
 "A woman's place is in the home"

We are all, at least to some extent, the products of our own background and upbringing. We will have cause to follow – or else consciously reject – what our parents, teachers and mentors have told us, whether that has been done expressly or by implication. So, if a child is brought up to believe that he is clumsy, stupid, talented and clever or whatever, this belief about his capabilities will be deeply seated. And the problem is that useful beliefs and non-useful beliefs are equally powerfully rooted. Our unconscious does not know how to differentiate the one from the other.

So, if I have a belief that I cannot add up a column of figures, it will, in essence become a self-fulfilling prophecy. [Some people would say that all prophecies are self-fulfilling. That is another story.]

If, on the other hand, I believe that I am "good" at addition, I will almost certainly find that I am good at addition.

Also, some beliefs are useful but have only a limited shelf life. It is a useful belief for a young child that he needs to check things out with his parents and cannot stand on his own two feet. Young children need protection and guidance. But that need does not and should not last for ever. The time comes when that same belief needs to be changed. The "child" is no longer a child and needs to make his own decisions. He is now independent of his parents or at least moving in that direction. That process of change can prove difficult and painful.

Some aspects of personal change can certainly be difficult. But not all personal change needs be so. Some changes can be made surprisingly quickly by using appropriate techniques of NLP or hypnosis or other related disciplines.

Reference has already been made to the fact that the subconscious (or the unconscious) does not make moral distinctions. It will seek to reinforce a belief that is already programmed because it thinks that if that belief is there, then it must be useful and in the person's best interests.

So, the person who believes in God will look at the world for all signs of a creating and loving God to reinforce that belief. The atheist, on the other hand, will look at the evil in world and ask how a loving God could possibly allow such terrible things to happen. They will also tend to gravitate towards people who hold similar views.

At a more mundane level, when a person who believes deep down that he cannot do a particular thing – and is then asked to do it – his subconscious will send him the protective message – "No, you cannot do that; remember?" The subconscious perceives that it is working for the best (and the subconscious always tries to do its best) in preventing the person from attempting something he cannot do, with all the repercussions that brings.

In NLP terms, this "cannot do" is an example of a "limiting belief". Some of our limiting beliefs have been with us for a long time and may be so deeply seated that we may not even be consciously aware that we have them. (Of course there are many very useful beliefs that are also programmed in, such as that fire burns.)  Scientists have proved that, aerodynamically, a bee should not be able to fly. Of course, no one has told the bee that!  Just recently, I observed my neighbour's tabby cat running up a vertical garage wall. Again, that "shouldn't" be possible, but the cat didn't know that.

I remember reading in an NLP book (unfortunately I cannot remember which one) that the most important question anyone can be asked is "What do you want?"  I remember being just a little sceptical when I first read that. However, the more I think about it, the more I realise just how insightful this statement is. If we can actually work out what it is we do actually want, we can move on from there.

It is easy to drift through life without any aims, objectives or goals in mind. If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there, as the Cheshire Cat said to Alice. What NLP and hypnosis can do is to allow the conscious and the subconscious to function together, find out what the person really wants and begin the process of moving in that direction.

There is no doubt that NLP received a rather bad press in the 1980s when it came to be associated with techniques used by the less reputable end of the used car market. Similarly, for many years, hypnosis was viewed with suspicion although even today it seems to be much more main stream in the USA than it does in the UK.

However, if we are thinking (as we are) of the ethical uses of such techniques, we have to be aware that we only seek to help people do what they really want to do. I am sometimes asked, for example, if I can "make" someone stop smoking. The answer to that is a clear "no" – I cannot make anyone do anything they do not actually want to do. I can, however help that person to improve his clarity of purpose.

But how does all fit in with the spiritual issues involved? Coming myself originally from a mainstream Christian background, I know that Christianity (and probably all the major world religions) seek to put the puzzles and challenges of life into a meaningful context. Jesus said that he had come to give life and give life abundantly. He healed many people who were sick, not only physically but mentally. It is God's purpose for us to be well and not ill. Indeed, Jesus went even further and told his disciples that they would be able to do greater things even than he had. This was a very radical statement. It is something the mainstream Christian church has not yet come to terms with.

Of course, a great deal of what has just been said will clash with our rational minds. If we cannot make sense of something then it doesn't make sense – at least this is the way in which Western society has thought since the beginning of the Age of Reason. We have had a long love affair with reason and tend, culturally, to believe that reason must always triumph over feelings and intuition. If it cannot be measured, we assume only too quickly that it does not exist. (Actually Charles Dickens wrote his novel "Hard Times" to ridicule people, known at that time as "determinists" who believed that everything could, sooner or later, be measured!)

Yet, the mediaeval mystics were able to recognise that something can be "true" without there being scientific proof. I can believe that the Genesis account of creation is "true" from a theological and spiritual point of view yet I can also accept that an evolutionary scientist also produces a different version of creation that is "true". If both sides in the creation argument could see that, a great deal of human energy would be saved!

In the developing world, some amazing things have taken place even in my own lifetime. This is because people in some of these cultures believe that the words of Jesus are actually true. There are amazing modern accounts of healings through faith, even accounts of people being raised from the dead. This is more than we can take in the Western world.  We often block the power of the spirit with our chilly rationalism. In Capernaum, even Jesus could do no mighty works because of the unbelief of the people.

Spiritually, we need to be able to tap into our mystical and intuitive sense in a new way – or else rediscover the older way. It seems (to me) that the world is full of "religion" yet is spiritually parched. There is an old Gospel hymn that has the chorus "I will pour waters on him that is thirsty" There is such a need for a time of refreshing today among all the great world religions.

As a registered hypnotherapist, I know that even in a light trance, it is possible to access our true desires even, dare I say, to regress into past lives. In fact our most useful state is that area of light trance – such as when we awake in the morning. People such as Thomas Edison and Winston Churchill were able to put themselves easily into that state and came up with their best solutions as a result. In the Old Testament, many of the prophets went into trance-like states. It is said that the famous Anthony of Padua could, in such a state, bilocate, i.e. be in two places at once. Saint Teresa of Avila could get into such an ecstatic state that she actually levitated and the other nuns had to hold her down!

I believe that, in the western world, our religions have become far too cognitive. Certainly where I live, in Scotland, in centuries past it was very important to know what people "thought" from a doctrinal point of view – with much less importance being placed on what they did or how they practiced, far less how they felt.

Alasdair Bothwell Gordon

Aberdeen, Scotland (UK)


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Monday, July 11, 2011

Spirit Quest

Metaphysics Course
We Are Experiencing the Grand Cycle by James Gilliland

Author of Reunion with Source, director of Self Mastery Earth Institute and ECETI
We are experiencing a Grand Cycle where our solar system is moving to a new place in the universe with more available light and energy. Many refer to this as the photon belt. Russian research has proven the leading edge of our heliosphere is glowing with up to a thousand times more light as we move into this highly charged area. The planets within our solar system are also emitting up to three times more light and are all undergoing atmospheric changes. Our sun is also changing. What once was a yellow orange sun is now white. The hydrogen helium mixture is changing and the mega solar cycle with its unprecedented CMEs, coronal mass ejections and solar flares has continued to increase far beyond any 11 year cycle. In fact a whole new cycle is starting in 2007 which will be much more intense than the last solar cycle. Scientists are expecting to lose many of their satellites, even more severe weather, and an increase in number and severity in tornadoes and hurricanes.

How does this affect the Earth? When the Earth is hit by a CME or solar flare the first effects are the bioelectric fields around the physical embodiment. Stanford Research has proven when monkeys were exposed to changes in the magnetic fields they exhibited behavior from comatose to self mutilation. We are experiencing massive shifts in the magnetic fields which reverberate when hit by a CME or solar flare. Major changes throughout history have been tied into solar flare activity. Some of the symptoms are extreme mood swings, emotional outbursts, sometimes followed by extreme lethargy. This has a major effect on relationships and society in general. There is a grand uncovering of all that is hidden. All of the injustices and deceptions will rise to the surface along with old wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experience.

There will be an acceleration of the action/reaction principle or Karma. You will see kingdoms built on deceit rise and fall especially within the political arena. Whenever you create a position of power outside of self that position will be sought out by men/women who lust for power over others in ignorance of the real power which is to serve and empower the individual. Advanced cultures choose their leadership according to their spiritual advancement and record of service to others. Our system worships those who have amassed wealth and power unfortunately in most cases at the expense of humanity and the Earth in direct violation of universal law. Then we wonder what happened to our freedom, our prosperity, and our environment?

These social changes are followed by erratic weather, an increase in tornado and hurricane activity along with a warming up or drought in some places and a cooling down or floods and freezes in others. The jet streams are also affected which move the weather patterns which in turn affect crop production. What once grew in some places will grow in others. Deserts will bloom etc. As the energy is absorbed through the poles the Earth begins to overheat. The overheating causes pressure which has to be released through volcanoes and earthquakes. When you add the greenhouse effect caused by man made emissions we aggravate this cycle causing more heat to be trapped within the system. The undersea volcanoes are heating up the oceans creating changes in the ocean currents. Changes in the ocean currents create changes in the weather and climate of whole continents. The massive storm and cloud cover along with volcanic eruptions creates a natural shielding effect. It is the Earth's way of defending herself and adjusting to the new energies.

There is another unnatural shielding effect, known as chemtrails, a joint Canadian and American secret military operation which now involves other countries which is crisscrossing the skies with what seem to be contrails in X patterns. What was once blue sky turns into a gray toxic artificial cloud cover. Exposing the people and the environment to deadly carcinogens which are in the chemical makeup of this aerosol spraying is adding to the already polluted environment. This will only accelerate the cancers, open the door to more pathogens and pandemic disease along with shortening the life span of humanity. The short term gain of cooling down the planet in order to continue to burn fossil fuels is very short sighted and will have long term effects which will be disastrous.

There have been many predictions and prophecies concerning the destiny of humanity and the Earth. They come from every culture; every religion and they all share a common theme. Some have come to pass, some have not. Timing is the hardest aspect of prophecy due to the visions in most cases not coming with a date. There are changes in the collective consciousness, divine intervention which includes a greater family of man some call extra terrestrials or untradimensionals along with ancient civilizations which exist to this day on the interior. These entities have technologies beyond your wildest dreams and, if circumstances allow, can intervene.

Universal law does not permit any grand intervention due to trespassing on free will and interfering with soul evolution. The more we choose to evolve and operate within the universal principles necessary for a healthy society and environment and initiate contact the more we can receive assistance.

We gain wisdom through experience, for every action there is a reaction and as a civilization we have not acted in the highest and best good of our fellow man/woman or nature. In accordance with universal law these negative actions have reactions or consequences.

We have become a society ruled by greed, the lust for power and wealth has hijacked the noble vision upon which this country was founded. We have fouled the air, water and land. We are subject to up to a thousand more toxins than our grandparents. Most city tap water has up to 850 toxins some of which are deadly carcinogens, the oceans are dying with over 50 dead zones some of which over 700 miles wide. Fish are disappearing; the plankton to support them is gone due to radioactive materials and petrochemicals dumped in the oceans. Whole species are disappearing and becoming extinct at an alarming rate. The rapid deforestation is also a major factor in decreased oxygen levels as well as changes in climate.

The oxygen levels have dropped from 35% to 07% in some major cities. Our food has become acidic, over processed and laced with chemicals with little or no life force. Otto Warburg a triple Nobel Prize winner gave us the cure for cancer as well as a way of destroying pathogenic virus and bacteria naturally. Lowering the PH and making the body acidic lowers the oxygen levels. This creates the perfect medium for harmful pathogens most of which are anaerobic and the proliferation of cancer. The cancer cell is anaerobic. To reverse cancer and eliminate the harmful anaerobic pathogens you raise the PH becoming more alkaline and increase the blood oxygen.

As a civilization we are doing everything possible to shorten our life span and open the door to pandemics most of which are genetically altered bacteria and virus coming out of our very own laboratories. Oxygen is the highest systemic antibiotic known to man. When you add the chemicals in the food, water and air along with the diminishing oxygen levels we are on a fast track to extinction. This unsustainable lifestyle and fast track to extinction is driven by greed and ignorance. We should never create nuclear waste without the ability to render it harmless. We have not needed nuclear power or gasoline since the forties. The technologies to provide all of our transportation and energy needs fuelessly exists today. We have the technology to clean up the environment, and end the unnecessary wars to control the oil. The only thing missing is the leadership.

Unfortunately our leadership does not operate in the highest and best good of the people and the environment. Profit for the elite, the lust for power and wealth at the expense of humanity and the Earth is what is guiding our destiny. The false belief in separation, greed and competition is the foundation of today's governing forces. Ignorance of universal law due to the arrogance of the elite with its separative attitude always ends in disaster. The karmic backlash affects everyone. We have all become willing participants in our own demise to one degree or another. Now is the time to become willing participants in redirecting our own personal lives and pressure those who lead us to act in the highest and best good for humanity and the Earth. There is no profit in environmental collapse which, without a course correction, is our destiny. We can choose the downward spiral into social, economic and environmental collapse which will affect everyone - the rich and the poor. H istory has proven in the end to take it out on the rich - or we can take the upward spiral. Remember the revolutions? Who lost their kingdoms and their heads?

There is hope and there are solutions to this dilemma that will avoid the severity of the reaction and the Earth's need to cleanse. The answer has been given throughout history by sages, saints and master teachers within every culture along with the warnings of things to come if we do not change. We have stepped outside of universal law and if we are to continue as a civilization we have to step back into universal law. You don't have to go to college to get a degree in universal law. It is written within the heart of hearts of all humanity. It is the innermost desire of all humanity. The innermost desire of all humanity is to reunite with their Creator, Spirit, Source or what ever name you wish to give it. It is also the innermost desire to live a loving, joyous, long and prosperous life in harmony with nature. Name one person who does not desire love and joy? Name one person that desires disease, poverty or wants to live in a poisoned environment? How many people want their families to die needlessly in unethical wars?

It is all about doing what is right, opening up to an extended family and cleaning up the very platform for life, without which the game is over. There is an old Cherokee saying:if it is not good for everyone it is not good. We should not create anything or act in any way that is harmful to others. Others include all of creation.

To be more definitive, here are some simple solutions to a complex problem which is complex only because we do not want to change and solve the problem. We are going to have to rise to the occasion, work together for the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth if we are going to get through these tumultuous times. There are shifts in consciousness and energy that will support the upward spiral. It is up to us to initiate these changes along with the assistance on high through prayer and meditation followed by right action.

1. All government, religious and business institutions must accept and act according to the universal principles and understandings necessary for a healthy society and environment. Principles such as Brotherly/Sisterly Love, Universal Peace, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All with a strong reverence for Life in all Forms. It is up to the people to hold these institutions accountable to these principles. Greed, profit and power over others rather than empowering the individual are no longer acceptable motives to drive our civilization's destiny. It is time for those who have been blessed with abundance to invest in the awakening and healing of humanity and the Earth. We must take all measures possible in the restoration of the environment.

2. The environmentally friendly technologies must take precedence over all other technologies and need to be implemented immediately especially where fossil fuels and nuclear generators are concerned. Your nuclear generators are flawed, have cracks and are poorly designed, producing deadly waste at an alarming rate with no solutions to render this waste inert. Global warming is here; it is on the increase and the science is there to back it up. If it continues at the same rate we will experience more severe natural disasters in the days to come. Strong measures must be taken to insure there is no more interference or suppression of these new technologies.

3. The military needs to redirect their energies to disaster relief and clean up. The profit needs to be taken out of war and invested into peace and rebuilding the infrastructure of nations. This will be imperative in the days to come that all available resources return to assist in the rescue, clean up and rebuilding efforts. The last Great War will be with Nature. To war with Nature is to lose. We must flow with the changes and prepare on every level - physically, mentally emotionally and spiritually.

4. It is said that food should be your medicine. Organic soil enrichment methods need to take precedence over chemical fertilizes and pesticides. Our food needs to be fresh, natural, and free of pesticides, herbicides and preservatives which are unnatural. We need to re-mineralize the soil as well, which creates healthy, disease and pest resistant crops high in vitamins and minerals.

Volcanoes are nature's way of bringing minerals back to the soil. Crushed rock from specific places is another. There must be a movement back to the land, to what once was called victory gardens. It is said if you want to harden a man's heart take him out of nature. It is imperative that we reconnect with nature for our own well being.

5. The medical and pharmaceutical industry needs a total overhaul. As long as there are enormous profits in disease the cures will not come forward. We are not synthetic beings, we are organic beings. We heal through organic methods. There are natural inexpensive miracle cures, frequency emitting devices that accelerate healing and eliminate harmful pathogens which have been suppressed and blocked from coming forward. There are frequency devices that can wipe out a pathogen, "virus or bacteria" in entire cities with a flip of a switch. It is time to implement these alternative methods, utilize unbiased research and use whichever method works best in bringing about a cure. The health and well being of the patient must come first and foremost - not one's bank account.

6. Education is imperative. We need to end the power struggles over which name, image or doctrine is used within our schools. There are universal principles and understandings which are the golden threads that bind all religions and cultures together. They are necessary for a healthy society and environment. We need to find agreement and teach these principles and understandings to our children as parents. Our schools also need to support these teachings. Science is merging with Spirit. The latest breakthroughs in physics prove we all live in a sea of consciousness and energy where everything is connected.

We all originated from the same source, regardless of color or belief, and share the same air, water and planet. What is done to one affects the whole; if one suffers it is felt everywhere. This is why the Bodhisattva makes a vow to return to end all suffering. It is ignorance of our connection with each other and all life that is the source of crime, violence, wars and needless suffering.

7. You are not alone in the universe. The universe is filled with life. There are spiritually and technologically advanced civilizations, not just in this dimension but others as well. It is part of an unseen brother/sisterhood that loves you greatly. It is time to expand our views of the universe and educate our children to the existence of a grander reality. They are there waiting to assist on a grander scale, yet this must be initiated and earned by our own choice and action.

There are more solutions to the growing pains of humanity. Templates, a physical example of how a spiritually and technologically advanced civilization in harmony with the environment would live, are manifesting around the world. It is where the knowledge will be preserved, where the tools to the awakening and healing process will be kept. There is a greater plan - yet this plan depends on us, our desire to change and work in the highest and best good of humanity and the Earth. We have to become very clear in our motives and intentions with constant self assessment, with brutal honesty as to the true motive and desire in all that we say and do. It is time to choose a spiritual, wholesome way of life in harmony with each other and nature. Our religion should be kindness. It is truly that simple.

James Gilliland, Author of Reunion with Source, director of Self Mastery Earth Institute and ECETI

Pass it far and wide permission granted

Sunny Ariel


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Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Spirit Quest

Thank you, for all the “discourses” that you covered in “Spirit Quest”!

I enjoyed all 30 Discourses, several of the courses I already knew about and the others will serve to be very valuable in my life journeys. I especially liked Lesson #8 on “mock ups” and Lesson #29 about “money”.

The discussion about “money”, is a very captivating. Your opening statement of this lesson sums it all up about “money”. And it was an eye opening to see it in a different light, as you elegantly put it: Well, money itself isn’t necessarily all that much to look at, but really it’s what money symbolizes that is a beautiful thing. On page #2 paragraph 5 is my favorite; People can choose to be happy whether they are rich or poor and they can choose to be unhappy in the same situations. Thank you….

Lesson #8 about “mock up”, “being specific” and “letting go” really hit home. The part about making sure that it’s your “mock up” and not someone else, because you may not be able to fix theirs but yours you may. In your writing you talked about doing something for someone & it wasn’t what they wanted. The situation was the very same thing and it was my own child (she didn’t want to go to college; she wanted to start a family).

All of being specific & letting go is something I had to learn in order for me to be where I am at now. Surrendering is what I was taught in my life as a “minister/reverend”. And how surrendering to our Lord and savior Jesus Christ will set me “free”…..It’s always easy to talk about what we should do and it’s very hard to actually do it! As it has taken me this long in my life to be doing what really makes me “happy” in trying to “guide” people on their path. And once again I thank you for all my new tools that I will be able to use to serve help others.

Reverend Flaviana Kalehua Vidinha


The Universal Life Church is a comprehensive online seminary where we have classes in Christianity, Wicca, Paganism, two courses in Metaphysics and much more.

Ordination with the Universal Life Church, is free,  and lasts for life, so use the Free Online Ordination, button.

The  ULC, run by Rev. Long, has created a chaplaincy program to help train our ministers. We also have a huge catalog of Universal Life Church materials.  I've been ordained with the Universal Life Church for many years and it's Seminary since the beginning and have loved watching the continual growth of the seminary.

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