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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Top 10 unanswerable questions of the last decade

On the ULC Seminary web site was a link to the following. I gave it a shot and am now forwarding the answers I came up with to you. :)

Top 10 unanswerable questions of the last decade:

1 What is the meaning of life?
In my view the meaning of life is a simple question to answer it is to have a meaningful life based upon what you find meaningful. Note how I did not say what others find or what others say your life should be...

2 Is there a God?
That depends a great deal on one's personal choices. The God debate is an age old battle of personal perceptions and beliefs. I prefer to view the concept of God as a God Archetype, as a state of being that many individuals strive to achieve by way of many paths. This question can really only be answered by the individual asking the question for it is heavily dependent on their individual choices and perceptions of what they consider to be a God archetype or as an archetype worthy of their particular form of worship.

3 Do blondes have more fun?
That would depend on one's perception of fun as what is fun for one person may not be for another person. The blonde hair stereotype is full of assumptions and projections. Hair color has no bearing on what is commonly viewed as "fun" as the concept of "fun" is different for each person.

4 What is the best way to lose weight?
Through a system that works. It is statistically and scientifically proven that a combination of eating right and exercise is the best overall method.  If a dieting method contributes to you losing a pound or ten pounds then that method that helped you lose ten pounds is the best method.

5 Is there anybody out there?
Sorry this question is too vague to attempt a response to.  Anybody-  as in human or something else; out there – as in ... being in the next house, country, or solar system? This particular type of question is of an open ended manner, so the open ended answer would be "maybe"

6 Who is the most famous person in the world?
The individual who has the most attention of the masses. If one expands their boundaries of "person" to include "archetypes" then I would have to answer that with the God Archetype as every culture has a name for their particular God head.

7 What is love?
The emotion of love is a chemical reaction in the mind, which enables an individual to experience the sensation of what is considered to be the emotion of love. In the field of Human bonding it is often associated with romantic relationships. The word love has reached a state of oversaturation in is use as an adjective.

8 What is the secret to happiness?
There really is no secret, as happiness is perceived differently by each individual. If you want more happiness in your life experience then find and do things that you perceive as bringing happiness to your particular level of wants and desires. Be mindful of the mental trap that many fall into where "if this or that happens I will then be happy"

9 Did Tony Soprano die?
Who is Tony Soprano? A real person or a TV character. If Tony is a TV character then it is possible that Tony's death will be left as a cliff hanger as a form of drawing attention to the TV show. The human mind likes answers and conclusions, so when something is left open and no answer is given a vast amount of time is then dedicated to finding answers.

10 How long will I live?
You will live till you die. You are born, you live for a while, then your body ceases to function and you die.  What you do with that period of time for some is more important whereas for others, the type of death experience they have is more important. To attempt to specify the exact length of time you will be alive is also dependent on what an individual perceives as being alive. Is the question meant to ask about physically being alive, if yes, then that question in that manner cannot be answered. If one means being alive as in being remembered for doing something to the benefit of mankind then that person will be remembered for a long time.

Travis Richardson


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