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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Metaphysics Course

I've been working on the Affirmation techniques in Lesson 16. Rather then being about telling yourself what you want to hear it is about what our instructor mentions, a change in habit and intention. You are literally changing your intent vocabulary. I find I am thinking the changes first almost subconsciously. Then they seem to move up to the front of my mind. This interestingly enough is happening in off times. In other words this is outside of conversation or communication. An example was the other night. Verbiage change scenarios began wandering through my head in my half sleep, before I was out for the night. No thought of the subject was consciously there as I prepared to go to bed. Very unexpected. This as all of us are learning will be continual process.

Another way to make affirmative change is to pose a question that leads to a positive presentation of what you want to say. For example, if we were to be really unhappy with someone s actions, before this lesson we might say something like

I am not happy with you.

You can ask

Are you aware that I am unhappy about what you did?

This does not change the fact that you are unhappy. What it does do is convey more clearly what is going on so that the other person can begin to absorb and use the information instead of only feeling bad or even attacked.

Granted this also extends the subject past ones self out to others. This would seem to be a natural progression however. I am looking forward to reading others experiences with this. 


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