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Friday, September 16, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

I found this course to be very informative and enlightening. As a nurse, I inherently
feel that God has blessed me as a healer, and called me to ministry of healing. The author
of this course describe that many of the tribal healers had experienced a major illness, and
then received the calling as a healer. The tribal healers often tested the new healer in
training, to ensure that they would be true to their calling. One of the major themes I was
impressed with throughout most of the course was that Spiritual Healer must work using
integrity and honesty. The last lesson ended with an oath, I found this very impressive.
Metaphysical healing, is a form of healing that the mainstream medical society may not fully
understand, but it is beneficial to many.

In one of the lessons, the author described that the participant of the healing session, did
not have to believe in the healing. This was fascinating to me. I have a core belief that healing
requires faith, it is the faith of the healer and the person seeking healing that interacts and
with Gods power and produces the healing power. To me it requires a certain amount of faith
for one to even seek spiritual healing. When Jesus healed many one of the questions he
frequently asked was “Do you believe”. It is difficult for me to comprehend, that the clients
faith does not affect the healing process. Though it is a powerful thought to think that I could
heal someone whether they believed me or not. I know that Jesus did heal some that did not
believe, and there faith was strengthened as a result.

The author of the course also discussed aura's. There are aura's around individuals,
with dis-ease an individuals aura is interrupted. Part of the healers job is to recognize that
these aura's exist,and to smooth entry ways of dis-ease in the client. The function of the
medical intuitive was also discussed in this chapter. A medical intuitive, is able to see right
into the body and locate those areas that need attention. It is important to ask for permission,
from the persons higher self. As the healer takes the journey through the clients body, using
visualization and meditative techniques, the diseased parts are identified. All of these
techniques, involved using the part of the human that connects with our God self. It is the
higher self of an individual. Traditional healers tune in or participate in active communion
with God. Witch doctors practice witchcraft and there are differences. As for me God is
an essential component in the healing process. He guides me to the affected areas and allows
me to be used as a vessel of healing. I choose not to get away from this point. He gets all the
glory for the healing, for the healer is just a vessel. Since the healing process is a spiritual
process, if there is a client that you do not feel comfortable with you should not participate
in the healing process. Witchcraft exists, there are good and evil spirits, and as healers we
must be sensitive to the spiritual world. Part of being a healer of integrity is not dabbling in
occult type practices. Willfully participating in ritual practices that could harm another, could
open up spiritual doors. One of the items discussed in the lessons was about absent healings,
there are times when the healer does not have to be present for the healing process to occur.

This truth can be very beneficial to the healer,in providing healing at any point for the client.
Which justifies my ideas about healing and the healing process of individuals. Healing is
on such a higher frequency than Western medicine presents. A healer also has to be in tune
to the spiritual world. Healing requires the mind to be in a positive state, and This requires preparation of the mind. Positive affirmation, positive thinking, meditations, visualizations, along with spiritual practices all are the basis of preparing the client for healing. The words we
speak to our clients are of utmost importance. As healers our words are powerful and provide a
visual field that fosters healing. Keeping that statement in mind, we must ensure that our words are wisely spoken, and foster a positive environment for the client's healing process to occur.

Most of the theme of the lesson was that we as healers, must recognize the importance
of our work. We must also foster a sense of confidence and professionalism for our clients.
All of this will legitimize our practice, a dream of the author. I was thrilled to see in part of the last lesson that in South Africa the mainstream of the healing arts were recognizing the traditional healer. This gives one hope that the medical society will recognize that healing of an individual comes in many forms. It is a spirtiual journey to healing, our creator designed us to self heal. The ancients recognized this fact, and passed this on from one generation to the next. Traditional healing practices should complement modern madicine and does not have to compete with the modalities of modern medicine.The types of healing modalities the client chooes should be a personal choice , encouraged and respected by all health care professionals.

In conclusion, I found this course to open my mind up to a new thought process. As a
nurse, from the western traditional medicine scene, and with the interest in nontraditional medicine, this course help me understand how to intertwine both to aid in the healing of the whole person. To treat the healing practice as a gift from God and to work with integrity and professionalism. The author did a great job in presenting the information each week. I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I know that in the treatment of my patients I can complement both the traditional and non-traditional modalities to treat the whole person. One of the last lessons of the course ended with with an oath for the healer to take I found this to be very exciting. I really agree with the author of this course that as healers we work with truth and intergrity, and eanding with an oath holds us accountable to our calling. This course was very inspiring and I do not think that there is anything different that I would recommend.

All work cited from this paper is a summarization from the material presented in this course.

Rev. Linda Muhammad

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