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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Metaphysical Healing

From:  Rev. Joe

Subject:  Getting Started with Metaphysical Healing

To all my brothers and sisters Awake the Healer

Some of the things in this lesson  I disagree with. A healer doesn’t choose to be a Healer, a healer is Chosen to be a Healer. As a student in healing I believe we go through a process not to be taught but to remember what we already have inside us. Let me explain, like everything in our life, through my studies and readings, long before we are born into this world, we are received by the Higher Power or God to form a contract of different items we are given and are suppose to accomplish in our life time on earth, unless something cuts us short such as a illness or disease, or through our own self destruction of destroying our bodies with smoking, drugs or alcohol.

To me they’re different type of healings, sometimes you don’t have to time to order up your program and to get ready, so it becomes important to be ready 24-7, how we do that becomes important. By the way, everyone in life are called to become healers, some do and some reject it, that’s called Free Will Choice, your creator gave us that.

Choosing a good form to clean yourself up, choose something that you can relax easy, the Chakra System has been an excellent way to assist you in balancing, grounding, clearing, cleansing and reclaiming yourself.

Reading different form and experiencing and finding a comfortable one to work with.
As for myself I sit in a chair upright, hands on my laps, take the phone off the hook, dim the lights, very light music, flute, soft. Close you eyes, take at least three deep breathes inhale deep slowly through you nose filling your stomach all the way into the lungs, hold for three seconds release slowly exhaling through the mouth, repeat this at least three time, when you are inhale think of stepping into an elevator  moving up, think of clearing you mind, body and spirit, think of what you want to accomplish in this meditation, also thinking of relaxing your body parts.

Think of having a large vacuum cleaner at the base of your first Chakra, as you view your seven chakras notice if they are dirty or clean start at the base RED breath in the energized RED and pushing out the Dirty RED at the same time the vacuum cleaner is sucking up the dirty RED, until you have clean RED, continue up and do the same on each  Chakra, until all have been cleaned ORANGE, YELLOW, GREEN, BLUE, INDIGO and VIOLET, by this time your Chakras should be spinning up and down, and has sucked all the dirties into the vacuums sack, so tie the sack and throw it out into the universe to dissolve everything.

While in this stage as the Higher Power if anything else needs to be adjusted, healing is all in the “intent”, leave your EGO at home, be Honest for yourself, remember all the ethics involved. Remember one of the most important things is not to get the Big Head, you are the Channel, by clearing your Chakras you make a better Channel for the healing.

After a few times you will be able to recognize where you need to clear out  the parts, and what started out a forty-five minute process has turned into a five minute refresher.

On the other hand, say a pray, refresh myself and ask for instructions from God he will send the correct amount and go to the places that needs it the most, then with the Choice of Free Will the healing of the person, becomes between God and the person you worked on. 


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