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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Metaphysical Healing

    I had been surfing the net when I came across the ULC seminary website and it was precisely what I had been looking for. The ULC provided a one of a kind concept and idea. So, I became ordained immediately in 1999 and have acted as as a Reverend and Minister of Peace ever since. It was personal goal to become ordained and doing this has really assisted me to spiritually grow as well as opening my thoughts to a hunger for universal truths. I have always felt drawn towards learning about the subconscious, conscience, people's true way of being and the personality of people in general, ever since childhood … searching for my true self, you could say. Your class was of particular interest to me, so I took it. For me, it was the perfect next step to learn from the lessons offered.

     I've moved past many ordeals since beginning this course and I have spent a lot of time going through the lessons and pondering. For quite some time after my marriage broke up, I was a mess and my life was completely imbalanced. It felt as if the floor under me had disappeared. I kept sinking into dark hole and finally dropped to my knees in pain and wept. My brother, with narry a word, just lightly touched my shoulder and I felt a sensation of warmth, love and peace.

It was a similar situation to what was mentioned in one of the lessons and now I understand what my brother did.  He used the "Laying of hands" whether he was aware or not.

     The information on your course brought many things to light and helped me in spiritual journey and has aided me in understanding what is meant by spiritual healing and energy fields. I find that I project a different way of being since reading and meditating on your information. The thing I like most about your course is that it has helped to become a more spiritual being with a new mindset. It has even reinforced proper nutrition and exercise for the physical.

    I would like to say it has taken me a while to send you this essay only because I kept getting side-tracked until now. I would like to share that your program was timely and it has helped me to become more open minded to energy fields and manifesting healing.

    I have always felt like plant and I grow when I learn and that's exactly what your program did for me. Though Many times, I found myself going off on tangent researching additional information and being baffled by how much there is to know … so many disciplines that intertwine. I noticed in my research that I was delving more into more holistic cures for disease. The spirit, mind and body present a plethora of disciplines and paths for practitioners.

      I personally found the Endocrine System very interesting as it relates to chakras.

     I was fascinated by a book I came across named "Adrenal Fatigue" by Dr. J. Wilson. I found it very informative plus it can be used as a scientific tool to aid in healing.  The book is a great read with contains self-help exercises.

    I am somewhat of an orator by nature and have also researched, as a hobby, information on NLP, general-semantics, Tarot, Birth Bio-Rhythms and Etymology. I find this other knowledge compliments your program beautifully. I realize and acknowledge the world is more than meets the eye. The concepts and ideas in the course also gave me a new drive and pragmatic exercises which have caused my new personal mission to be a personification of a gentle smile with eyes that can only project pure intention. On a more serious note I've started looking into becoming a Registered Massage Therapist or Personal trainer.

     The mix of your program, my life's learning keep directing me towards helping others.

     The Master of Metaphysical Healing lessons were great.

Rev. Pedro Vallejo


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