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Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spirit Quest

Many things in this course motivated me and I often felt the topics were speaking directly to me. The most direct at this moment in my life is the final lesson 20. It is also what I am working with most intensely at present. Though it is not any one thing, all the lessons are interwoven with  the concept of living fully and being totally fulfilled by looking within.

Addiction has been an ever present part of my life, my main and continuing addiction of food was replaced at times in my past with drugs and alcohol. Throughout my life I have taken on the lie that I am less than, not enough and separated from Source. I had chosen to believe this, somehow it seemed easier, as the lie resounded around me, coming from all directions. At some point we must take responsibility for moving our consciousness to the truth that we are all perfect in who we are and our bodies are the temples that we as light bodies posess in this lifetime. I am amazed at this resistance in me to accept the infinate presence of the Source. It is a reflection of the world around me and now I must take responsibility, for I create that world it does not create me. I am the only one who can change myself and my world. there is no room for blaming as this only confirms the lie. The lie is such a simple one it is the lie that says I am not enough and yet how can this be so when I am indeed created in the image of God, when I am created equal to all others. When in truth I am all others as they are me. So why the continuation of the lie when I know it for what it is. I have on some level choosen to seperate myself form God from truth and now I can choose to continue existing within the fear or in the love. The simplicity of truth is amazing. I saw a French documentry on a group of young people who had created their own form of sport it seemed more like a martial art, they have used all things around them the trees the buildings it was about seeing all that is around and within. Seeing the fear and moving through the illusion of it, though others watching it may have seen young people using everything around them to climb and jump on or over, some may have seen youth displaced youth, in fact they knew the truth of no separtion, moving past their fear and seeing themselves as part of all around them.

The most important thing for me to remember I am exactly where I am suppose to be and that doesn't just mean physically it also means on my spiritual journey.
In Thanks and in Service,

Cushla Mary


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