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Monday, October 10, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

             I am glad to be at the ending of a new beginning, by taking this course.  It has been a wonderful learning journey.  What I most enjoyed about taking this course were the multiple references made to traditional African healing modalities.  I felt it reconnected me back to a portion of myself.  I felt this was the richest portion of the course because it illustrates the long line of ancestral healers.  Learning about how to heal myself, has proven to be a wonderfully useful tool.  On several occasions during this course I have tested the effectiveness of the tools I was learning.  I was not disappointed.

 From an early age, I've felt the gift of being able to heal myself, but I now have more confidence than ever in my ability to heal others.  I also learned about the different roles of traditional healers and how they rebuild relationships within physical and spiritual communities. I also learned how they utilize herbs, seawater and other tools for healing.  I very much enjoyed learning about the different body systems, and how they are connected to the meridians and chakra systems.  This vast and sometimes complicated knowledge was broken down into simple understandable components that enriched my knowledge of the body.  

Before going into a healing session it is important that one has been thoroughly cleansed and spiritually aligned and in tuned so they can be an effective, cleansed and open vessel to receive assistance from the spirit world, this would also apply to both physically present healing sessions or distant healing sessions. Conducing healing sessions requires one to be able to use various induction methods that are dependent on the personality of the client. I also learned how to go about lining with my client, and what professional office procedures to use for patient intake, follow up and develop a system of accurate record keeping.  Not only did I learn how to address the physical illnesses of the body, but also how to address spiritual issues, such as how to do soul retrievals, and perform spiritual baths, facials, etc that can aid in the spiritual and physical healing of a patient. 
I thought the course was through in its content and it is up to the student to study and practice the lessons in order to become an effective spiritual and metaphysical healer.  I would have like to receive more information on how to set up a office and healing practice.  I am thankful for this course and realize it is time for me to begin to use it as a practice.   Just recently I lost my job and am feeling a strong call to begin to do my spiritual work full time as a method of earning an income.  Thank you for the years of toll, strife, joy, success and spiritual growth that you have been given to be able to gift others with the knowledge to do the work of spirit. I am sending much light your way, for having made my path brighter, and for validating the work of spirit in my life.
             May the spirit of creation continue to bless you in all your endeavors to maintain this ancient traditional practice.

Rev. Dr. Edonna Alexandria

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