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Monday, October 03, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

As with spirit quest – it is impossible to detail all I have learned in this excellent course. To deal with the aspects I found hardest to accept first. My main problem is with the shamanic approach to illness, the view that illness is self-created and that anything can be relieved by the power of thought. While I agree that mental attitude has a great effect on recovery from illness, I can’t accept that illness is self-caused in all cases. There are too many illnesses that just don’t seem to fit the pattern quite apart from accidents, birth abnormalities etc.

This aside, the other methods described in the course are definitely ones that I shall continue to use in the future. For example, I like the concept of past life regression as a tool for healing the present by unraveling complex behavior loops and to explain choices and preferences in the current incarnation. Equally valuable are the methods of energy healing including reiki, which have produced some excellent results in my hands. Combining energy healing with assessment of the aura and of the chakras greatly increases its power. As a rule I find it easier to sense the aura with my hands rather than see it with my eyes, and yet my hands can sense colour as well as areas of high and low energy and areas of damage. The aura is therefore very useful when I want to identify areas in greatest need of treatment, or identify the problem. The chakras as energy centres of the body have a major role in health, and aligning the chakras as part of a healing treatment greatly increases the success.

In my opinion, Teiki (and other energy healing) is a valuable method of healing but it should be noted that Reiki is not a magic cure and it cannot successfully treat every condition. To state otherwise is to mislead and to give false hope, and to promote Teiki as a cure-all for monetary gain is unconscionable. Despite this, Reiki may bring spiritual and mental relief to those with serious and incurable conditions (Rand, 1995). It can be argued that Dr Usui’s views that those who did not respond to Reiki were simply unwilling to accept the cure are far too simplistic. The majority of illnesses, though possibly exacerbated by stress and/or mental health, are caused by external factors beyond the control of the patient. Students of the chakras and the subtle bodies and of shamanism will interrupt here and point out that disease is often manifest in the higher bodies – the mental and etheric, before it becomes manifest in the physical form, and accordingly may be treated at this nascent stage. This is entirely possible, but appearance of disease in these higher bodies does not imply voluntary or even subconscious acquiescence to the illness. I do not subscribe to the view that illness and disability is a form of karmic payback, our Gods and Goddesses are not cruel, vengeful beings and have better ways of teaching us. Maybe there are some people who enjoy ill health for reasons of their own, but the majority will be only too eager to regain health. This unfortunately means that the many patients with life-threatening and incurable illnesses who want nothing more than to survive and will try any method of treatment offered are potentially vulnerable to charlatans.

The course offered a lot of very useful advice on setting up a healing practice. I do not intend to use the healing methods learned in this course in a practice setting, reserving them for personal use among family and friends, and for animals. Being trained in main line medicine, these techniques offer a valuable addition to the traditional methods of healing and using a combination of both has dramatic results. 

Rev. Sue Bellworthy


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