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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Metaphysical Healing

By Rev. Patricia Buben

I really enjoyed the course in Metaphysical Healing and came out with much more knowledge about the Chakra system, how the chakras align to the glands, the layers of the aura and the function of the aura.

It is interesting how similar metaphysical healing is to Reiki. The big difference is that there are attunement processes in Reiki that help to balance, align and open the chakras. Both methods align to the Universal Energy Field and can be bring Universal Energy into the body systems to cleanse and heal the body. The aura and energy anatomy are actually the blueprint for the body. Illnesses and imbalances show up in the energy field first, before they affect the body through disease. In this way, disturbances can be felt by the healer while scanning the auric field and can be remedied by bringing in Universal Energy even before the physical body is affected.

Hands-on healing has been used for many centuries by spiritual healers inside and outside of religion. It is referenced in the Bible and is the most ancient of healing techniques. It seems to be making a comeback in the forms of Therapeutic touch, Polarity therapy and Reiki.

The metaphysical healer has many tools in helping a client heal. Positive affirmations, visualization and meditation techniques help to prepare a client for healing and puts them into a higher energy state which can help to make the hands-on healing session more effective. Healing is strongly connected to spirituality as it is believed that Universal Energy Field is directly from God.

There is also the concept of absent or distance healing where the healer uses a representation of the client (can be a picture) and performs the healing service without the client being in the room.

As a Reiki practitioner, there are many techniques I can add from this course. I like the idea of using affirmations, visualizations and meditation to the practice of Reiki to help the client get into the right frame of mind for healing and also to use them on an ongoing basis to help the client relax when under stress.

In summary, this class was very well written, presented much detailed information about the body systems and integrated everything very well. Hands-on healing has become very popular over the last 10-15 years and I think it is important for people in the healing professions and ministers to understand how it works so that they can advise their parishioners as to the value of it as well as include healing services into the churches.


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