Denise L. Graves
Lesson 2
1.       Think about something for which you have been praying. Now write a prayer that prays from the perspective of your new understanding of what God, His Son and you really are.
a.        I am the daughter of God who lacks nothing.  For joy, peace, love, completeness, unity, purpose and eternity: I am grateful.  The manifestations of things such as a comfortable fuel efficient vehicle, an airy comfortable, real wood and plenty of windows house with great green space, wonderful neighbors and a loving growth oriented life companion, a hosts of diverse friends, meaningful life giving work, vitality and perfect health are exceptional manifestations of my abundant inheritance from God.  I surrender to manifestations that are greater than what I know and accept the right knowing of God regarding those manifestations.  I let go of all barriers to my good and relax with love for divine right time for my life.
2.       Imagine the comfort you would feel if you were able to fully accept the fact that you are loved beyond measure. Think of the miracles that will occur in your life when you are able to accept the fullness of your complete worthiness. Write a prayer that asks for these conditions and a few paragraphs describing the way your world will change when receive that for which you have asked.
a.        Dear God,
I image radiance in my countenance, thought, and words and breathe as I experience complete joy and peace moving through time in my vehicle, living in my mansion occupied by loving family and friends.  I no longer experience tightness in my stomach as my life changes and transitions occur. I no longer see my present and future with my eyes of the past.

1.       My world is warmer and the sun shines constantly warming my body and providing me with more vitality to serve others.  I see myself unafraid of scrutiny by those I feel are in authority judging and criticizing me because God is my only means and answer.  Or because my reality of God is always loving, giving, informing and inviting me to be as I am intended by God at my birth.  I boldly love and speak with and before people, giving life sustaining words and actions. 
2.       The work I do does not conform to routines that rob me of energy, challenge the execution of my intuition of interfere with revealing work with others to their great original self.  In this world, these people and other move through families, communality and faith communities, healing and being healed.  The illusions of death are reduced, youth people find great joy and peace in a life as an offspring of God entitled to and provided with their greatest good.  In this world there would be career redirection.  There would be a decreased need for law enforcement and more peace makers.  Elected officials would see through veils of deception and ego.  They would represent earnestly the self interest of their service population.  And each person will see themselves and expressions of God, whose inheritance can be drawn upon at anytime.
After the visualization I fought myself unashamed that I truly love people and want our encounters to be harmonious with experiences of great peace.  I found myself forgiving myself for harboring negative thoughts, repeating negative words and stories and well as condemning myself for taking risks whose outcomes have not always appeared favorable.  I found myself surrendering to rest and release circular thinking. 
Early in life, I knew my deep spiritual connection. Later I became annoyed that I did not fit into the illusion of normalcy.  Most recently, I have shared close spaces with others and have not felt out of place, over loving, too affectionate or positive.  I don’t think it had much to do with other peoples’ thoughts.  It had to do with my surrender to my divine nature and willingness to be my most authentic self because nothing else fit.  I find myself teaching, listening, playing, having fun and standing up to religious authority figures with grace, truth and confidence.  I am peace.  I am loved. I am provided for.