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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Spirituality Course

Lesson 11

I find the concept expressed in this lesson very intriguing in view of its content to someone brought up with traditional Christianity. We have always been in this world and have difficulty in accepting that it is all an illusion. Our thoughts are too closely aligned to our world and the need to escape from the world is obvious. True prayer is the answer, I have no doubt, to bring us closer to God through the Holy Spirit, and to the real life that comes with that closeness. The prayer visualisations give me the chance to meditate upon the thoughts shown in each lesson, concentrating the mind more completely. I would recommend that the visualisations are followed closely to concentrate the mind on things beyond our immediate world.. This brings a closer union with God and should pave the way for miracles to happen.

I do not feel that I have yet experienced what I would call a miracle but I have found a certain peace and closeness in the Spirit. I am concentrating more on giving and receiving love and hope that, with a fuller knowledge of the Course, I may realise the light of miracles available to me.

Rev. Derek Kemp

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