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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Spirit-Quest Master of Metaphysics Degree by Nancy Zilversmit

I thoroughly enjoyed these last 30 weeks receiving my lessons, although some of it I was already familiar with due to the fact I am already a practicing metaphysical based minister. There were several concepts I found very interesting that I had not heard of anywhere else.

The creating and blowing up of roses is a good practice for someone who needs to have the visuals of actually doing those exercises and placing their intent within those roses. It is also a good practice for the too logical person to learn simplicity by following these exercises.

I have practiced grounding for some years now, but found the practice of grounding the sex organs new. Definitely something to consider when dealing counseling people with focus and competition problems.

I am glad you spent several chapters on how Spirit communicates. I communicate in so many ways with Spirit and it goes far beyond just the 4 clairs that are usually taught. You covered it very well.

Asking specific questions of Spirit...oh, yea! You definitely have to be specific because your idea of something may be way different then how Spirit thinks it should be. If you ask for the gift of sight, meaning in your mind that you wish to see energy, its color and movement and bam! you end up with sight of future events instead. A greater gift, yet not specifically what you had in mind at the time
of the request. I am happy with the gifts I have and those I am yet to receive, but if you have something specific in mind, state exactly what you mean.

The concept and especially the descriptions of soul ages in the reincarnation chapter was a thumbs up. Simply put and understandable.

Time is a human concept. Spirit does not have to deal with time. I hear the word ‘patience’ a lot. Time keeps moving forward and modern man has everything divided up in time slots and deadlines. Spirit does not operate that way. So things come when Spirit thinks you are ready, not when you feel you need it. The best you can do is to live in the now because the past can not be redone and the future is
imagined until it becomes the now. So live this moment fully and completely.

I am looking forward to taking more courses in the future. Thank you for all the work you put into putting this course together and teaching it.

Rev. Nancy Zilversmit


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