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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

What I Got out of the Spirit Quest Course By Lana R. Minkler
God and the ULC Seminary

When I decided to do the “Spirit Quest” course, I was skeptical about what all it entailed. I truly only knew I wanted to change, open, learn and grow spiritually, and this course piqued my interest. Little did I even begin to realize the awesome journey I would embark upon in the following eight months. Through delving deep, sometimes deeper than the course covered, I experienced miraculous changes as doors once closed opened, changing my attitudes, perceptions, thoughts, beliefs, and life. I started a journey of spiritual renovation, renewal and growth which has expanded way beyond the course and is still in process.

Within every lesson a thousand nuances led to deeper depth and further exploring. Truly your statement “What you put into the course is what you get out of it,” was mirrored in my experience. I wanted Oneness with my Source, God, and to hear His Voice. I didn’t just want to know or understand it. I wanted to experience it.

My response to one of the lessons highlights my experience of God. In lesson #18, the lesson stated “Gold is a very cleansing color,” and “the only color above gold is white.” The lesson stated that the color gold keeps me in my body while white knocks me out of body.

When in deepest meditation I experience pure, intense white light. The white light never initiates from outside of me, but starts from within me, steadily growing till eventually radiating outward. The purity of that white light acts as protection. I have a sense, a feeling, a knowing in my very core I’m buried and engulfed in the very presence of God when in this state.

There is absolutely no shadow in this pure white light, just as in the Biblical saying “there is no shadow or turning in God.” I believe this is the very pure Spirit of God dwelling within. It also states in the Bible, “the Kingdom of God is within.”

When filled with and radiating this pure white light, I sense a peace and love I’m not able to humanly verbalize. I also experience joy and bliss beyond my wildest human sensations. In this state, I truly remember I really am a spirit.

I have come to believe each one carries this same light, or spirit within. We each need to find it within and connect to the same spirit within each other. So much could change if each one of us would get past the outward appearances, perceptions, forms and behaviors, and see instead in each other the same spirit in which we are one.

Colors, numbers and sounds reflect the outward world, universe, bodies, images and other form manifestations. What I’m experiencing in this meditative state is God speaking to me, though not audibly, through content, not through form. By content, I mean love, peace, joy and forgiveness. When I’m in connection with that pure white light, I experience those characteristics of the Creator, Source, or God. I know when I am not connected also, because I experience fear, guilt, pain, loss, etc. At present, I keep trying to come from that deep center of love, joy, peace and forgiveness in my day-to-day life.

The above is just a very small example of multiple changes that have resulted from taking the course. Spirit Quest opened doors in its teachings that led to doors way beyond this course. Thank you for the opportunity of the course and the journey it has evoked.


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