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Thursday, March 25, 2010


Master of Metaphysics by Rev. Michael Bland

A perfect spiritual being on a unique course

In reviewing my life I find that I have been on a Spiritual Quest since my childhood. I would seek the elders of my family for words of wisdom and direction for many of my endeavors. At the age of nine I remember a time when I asked my Grandfather if he knew Jesus. He answered me with these words.

“I’m just a simple man (a retired coal miner of 50 years) if I didn’t know him I wouldn’t be standing here.” “Your Grandmother was sure to read me the Bible every night at dinner as we thanked him for our food and our happy home.” “I was thankful that we had a well that pumped sweet water for my bath and of course for us to drink.” “I was thankful that when the big mine collapsed I was just outside when many of my friends were still in the ground.” “I look around and see the grass growing on the side of the mountain that keeps the dirt in place so that our home doesn’t slide down the hill.” “I see the dew in the morning watering the world and your Grandmother waiting for me with a smile every day as I came back from the mines.” “Yes, I know Jesus, I know him very well”

As my life went on I see that the same pattern continued as I went into my teens. My Dad and I were working in the garden when I asked him “Dad, do you know Jesus?” He kept on hoeing and said these words to me. “Do you see that blossom on that tree over there?” “That’s the first sign that apples are gonna grow on the tree.” “Before that, the tender buds of the leaf were on it and then the leaves filled it to full with color. “You remember last year when we dug that hole to put your dog in his grave?” “Well look at it now it’s all covered with beautiful grass and that tree is its shade from the hot sun.” “Your mother and I lost your brother to Typhoid two years before you were born but now we have a son who’s working right here in the garden with me now.” Yes son, I know Jesus. I wouldn’t have the strength to carry on if I didn’t.”

Many years later I was driving my rig through the desert when I came up on a hitchhiker. It was too hot to be walking so I pulled over and let him in. Not much time after he was in the truck he asked me if I knew Jesus. I was a little shocked, as my mind had been on the company just before I saw him and it wasn’t in a positive direction. I was upset about some pay they had bilked me out of. I thought for a moment and said to him. “If being thankful for the air I breath and the lungs I have to breath it with with means I know Jesus, then yes I know Jesus.” He sat for a few moments then said this to me. “Jesus is the Son of God.” “God made himself flesh and then sacrificed himself on the cross that guys like you could be saved.” I looked over to see an empty seat where the hitchhiker had been setting. To say the least I was shocked. I pulled he truck over and got out, looked at the side of the truck and then back down the road. There was no one in site for fifty miles in any direction. I stood there scratching my head and jumped back in the truck. On the floor was a small Bible, which I saw had John 3:16 circled in red.

Over the course of the next year I read that Bible from cover to cover and saw the reason for this persons/angels visit with me. I hadn’t really known Jesus. I just knew about him. In the Bible I found many answers to my many questions and accepted Jesus (The Christ) as my savior.

As many of you would guess, I now had more questions. I wanted to know why things were as the are and how many things worked. I understood about Powers and Principalities but was finding no references to the roots of these subjects. Everything has roots….where are the roots? I was finding a lot of do’s and don’t do’s but the reasons for them were all so superficial in there answers. I needed the darn roots. What makes things tick so to speak. I mean the real things in life, like why does my brain work the way it does. Just telling me about the parts doesn’t tell me why they are there or what pattern they took to come to be in the form that they are in. Again I need the roots.


I took a course in Metaphysics through an online college and started reading about making roses and grounding cords and blowing them up. Sheesh, This writer had to have one heck of a drug supplier I thought to myself. I continued the course till one day it started to all come together. “Woe, what have we here?” “Creating Your Own Reality” That’s the title I read “Let’s start off by saying that there are no accidents and there are no coincidences in the world.” Now this person was talking like they knew what they were saying. Tell me more “God doesn’t work in mysterious ways, either. There’s nothing mysterious about it. There is a plan for everything, which continually unfolds.” Ok, Now we’re getting to some roots.” I continued to read till the lesson ended and a new plan of attack was in place. I would put this person’s idea to the test. I had already learned about the roses, the grounding cord, Forgiveness, Meditation and all the incidentals up to this point. I was on the same Quest I was before but with a different approach.

The course went on for another few months with more and more input from Competition, Chakras and Karma to Dreams, Reincarnation, Time, pain and even money.

Although the journey for understanding these questions in my life are far from over I now venture down a highway that actually gives to me what I put into it. Some of you are thinking boy this was an easy way for him to write his dissertation and just leave us hanging. On the contrary I wouldn’t do that. I will fill in the one question I hope some of you have asked by now. If he already has the answer about Christ then what is he looking for? My journey actually started as I said before at about nine. I had a vision. Yes a vision. I saw a world so overtaken with problems and food supply was very limited and very expensive. I saw a dinosaur (Brontosaurus) nibbling on a tree top that was 100 feet in the air, I heard a voice in my head saying that everything had a frequency and I had an overwhelming desire to find he how and why. Now let’s not forget I was just nine years old. I had no idea about anything much other than playing with my little cars in the dirt.

Well here it is 44 years later and I have the food problem almost licked. A few associates and I will put this information into the world’s hands this summer. The problems of this world are going to be there till Christ returns and in my opinion that won’t be very much longer. As for the dinosaur …. I don’t know! All I know is that the tree it was nibbling on was 100 foot tall in the vision. I was nine and that tree was only four-foot tall at the time. The tree is 90 foot now and still stands strong at my parent’s old house. You figure it out.

In closing I would like to leave you all with this. The world is a beautiful place and people will be people. If you let them get under your skin then you lost that battle. Fight the good fight and endure till Christ comes again. God Bless.

Rev. Michael Bland


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