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Monday, March 01, 2010

Metaphysical Healing

Metaphysical Healing - I learned overall that there is a far deeper connection between those in the healing profession than I had previously known of or thought about, both past and present and that both have had a significant impact on each other.

I also learned that I can use parts of the lessons to harness and fine tune parts of my own abilities that still need the rough edges smoothed.

I learned that the abilities I have in terms of healing can be fine tuned with a little effort and practice.

I like the fact that I can re visit some of the lessons to hone and fine tune some parts of my abilities.

I don't really think there was very much to dislike about this course, except reading on and on about the African Healers was a slight bit tedious.
I have more connection to Native American Healers.
Overall, the course was fascinating.

What I can relate to in terms of this course, is that I have already been doing healing for others for several years, with a great deal of success.

Although what I do is quite a bit different, as most of my work is distance instead of hands on, as per being a shut in and recluse, I don't do anything to bring on these abilities, except to be able to do deep visualization, sending that energy from my heart chakra.
For example; When my Grandmother broke her arm, I felt it in my own arm.

I was able to go to her at night, as she slept, as my Astral or Higher Self, placing a "White Light Cast" over her arm, allowing it to heal more quickly, much to the surprise of her doctors.

They were stunned with the rate of speed at which her arm healed.
All it requires now, is just a brace.

I think I would like to know more about seeing Auras, although I will likely go back and try to re study that lesson again, to see if I can fine tune that.

I will also see if I can try to complete the lessons that I was not able to or complete to any degree.

Rev. Bryan


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