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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Spirit Quest

Master of Metaphysics by Rev. Sharon J. Mayer

Spirit Quest Completion Essay

Since the last chapter of Spirit Quest arrived I have been going over all the chapters again to insure I have not missed any important information or something that would continue to change the course of my thinking and life. I do miss receiving the lessons since the end of the thirty weeks. The time has moved by so quickly that I had not realized the course had been completed when I received the final chapter.

When I first started this course I was very skeptical of the information being given. I decided that it was time to try something new in my life so started practicing each of the lessons. There were some ups and downs during the time I was receiving the lessons. At first I didn’t see a change in my thinking or attitude but gradually the change came about without my realizing what was transpiring. I found that I was stronger and was standing up for my rights without noticing. People started respecting me and things were going my way in a positive manner. Without being pushy or brash I was starting to get respect.

In the last few weeks I have changed employment and had some up and down experiences with equipment glitches, training, and a slow start. I put on an extra push of grounding, the Golden Sun, use of roses to clean up areas of my thinking, destroying roses, and sending golden roses to the training staff that didn’t feel I had what it took at my advanced age to complete the training. I was graduated with my class but it was thought I would not stay on the job or make the cut in the ninety days of probation. This week I was number one on my new team of four new associates and twelve seasoned associates and was earning respect from my peers and the supervisory staff. I have some way to go to the ninety day cut off but this is an excellent start.

Each day I ground myself at my desk, start the day with lots of clearing of “old thoughts” and fill my space with golden sun. I use many roses for finding my way, getting things cleaned out, destroying negative things and thoughts, surrounding my area, and to send to people with “hello” or just as a gift of thought. I have a stressful job and deal with difficult people for ten hours a day. The callers are concerned about their finances and want me to give them the ability to handle their money problems when they make mistakes. I find I care about them but am able to do the job without being upset and taking things personally. Before the course I would not have been able to do this at all.

My life has greatly improved over the last thirty some weeks and my change in attitude with the thought “In my world” this will or will not happen has been a definite plus.

I will continue the practice presented to me and will miss a new chapter each week now that I have completed the course. My favorite tool now is the rose. It is so easy for me even while dealing with a caller to create a rose to send to them or to surround my space with a positive field.

The miracles in my life since I started the course are many. The new job, new thought patterns, new me. I am a completely new person in many respects. Not pushy but able to get what I deserve and what is wanted for me to have.

Each day I repeat “You are a perfect being. God loves you. You were created in perfection, by perfection, for perfection. Your success is guaranteed.” Each day I say this the feeling that everything will be done properly and to my advantage is stronger. I am so thankful that I took the class.

The class was well written and presented in an easy to use and understandable manner. I would love to see a Spirit Quest II to go forward with the training. The only thing I found that would have made the class and information easier would have been if the format of the material had been easier to print. Many of the words on the borders were cut off and some of the early chapters on the computer screen were missing. Later chapters were fine.

I am on the road to being a completely new person and I am enjoying every minute of this new life! I am so grateful for the Spirit Quest course.

By Rev Sharon J. Mayer


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